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Are you looking to revolutionise the way you work through the introduction of a new cloud service – but not sure how? A workshop is the perfect way to discover the best way to utilise UKCloud’s services and ensure you are getting the maximum return from your investment.

Our deep dive technical sessions, hosted by our highly experienced Solution Architects, are designed to help you better understand how DevOps tools and techniques can make development, deployment and management of software faster and more reliable.

What’s more we use the session to really get under the skin of a specific project you may be considering to help you decide why investing in change really is worth it.

Collaboration in action

Our discovery sessions are tailored to your business to ensure you come away with a clear picture of the cloud landscape and importantly how your business can benefit from the agility, elasticity and efficiencies that cloud adoption will bring.

We introduce your team to Open source toolsets, look at new ways of working and help to upskill your team so they can realise the benefits of the cloud with confidence.

The sessions are completely interactive and very hands on, and together we’ll answer questions such as: “how/why OpenStack is a great option to consider for your cloud needs.”

What is covered in the workshop?

During the course of the session we’ll login to the OpenStack control panel. From here, we’ll guide everyone through creating an SSH key pair, network, subnets, and even configuring a security group before finally deploying an instance and connecting to it via the command line.

After a short break, we’ll hand over to one of our Consultant DevOps Engineers to show how the entire process can be automated using open-source tools. We’ll begin with Terraform by mapping out the infrastructure as code, followed by an introduction to automating your builds using Packer.

Following on from this, we’ll get everyone back to their own instances they provisioned to give an introduction to Ansible. This is a hands-on session showing how to create a YAML configuration file, and apply the changes to the machine using Playbooks. We’ll also cover how Ansible is a great agent-less provisioning tool with some nifty examples. Wrapping up the automation aspect we’ll show how you can use your playbooks in Packer for your automated builds.

From here, depending on how far you are with your journey into the Cloud, we’ll either explain the best steps to migrate your application/infrastructure, or we can show more advanced topics such as our OpenShift Container Platform, from RedHat. This involves in-depth detail about Docker & Kubernetes so be prepared!

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By attending this workshop, you will be more confident on the journey ahead, able to respond more rapidly to changes in the marketplace, and ready to start your journey to the cloud in earnest.

If you would like to find out how our technical experts can help you to move forward with a project you are currently reviewing simply book your free workshop now using the form below.

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“UKCloud have been a pleasure to work with, responsive, engaged, knowledgeable and accessible. As an organisation seeking to make the most of cloud hosting in a hurry, but without the in-depth skills needed, we have found UKCloud’s help absolutely invaluable.”

“Their help in refining and specifying what we need from expert helpers has been instrumental in our progress to date towards that goal. We would highly recommend them as a partner to anyone else undertaking a similar journey.”

Alan Trevennor, Microtest