Meet Abigail

"The initiatives to get women into STEM are helping things improve, and I think teaching programming at primary school will really help"

In terms of my background, I had little knowledge of programming until Year 10 of school, where I had to do a week’s worth of work experience. With little prior interest, I spent this week of experience at a small games company. I was testing games, which I really enjoyed, and then one day I saw someone working on code – from then I was hooked.

I carried on doing work experience at tech companies where I could, and then for my year of industry I worked my placement at UKCloud. It was interesting throughout, and I enjoyed working for a service company that really benefits the customer. After receiving a 1st in my degree from Ashton University, I came back to UKCloud to work as a software engineer

One of the things that I like about working at UKCloud is that you don’t really have an average day. As a programmer, I get to solve unique problems every day, and rarely solve the same problem twice. My role involves working on various projects daily with my team, and attending regular programming meetings. UKCloud is full of really nice people, and a offers friendly culture, making my average day highly enjoyable

I am very happy as a programmer, but I know a lot of women don’t really get involved with a career in STEM. I guess it’s not something that is seen as a ‘girly’ thing to do. There’s an idea of your stereotypical programmer, and this stereotype doesn’t really involve women. For me personally, I didn’t know about programming until I was 16. Across careers and university courses in STEM, there is a complete lack of women. Nobody has looked down on me for being a female programmer, but I am still only one of the few there are.

From what I see, the workplace for women in STEM is getting a lot better, though I have only been within the industry for the past few years. The initiatives to get women into STEM are helping things improve, I think teaching programming at primary school will really help in my area, and I hope women become more involved with careers in STEM.

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