Cloud meets government-grade assurance

Comprehensive Assurance

UKCloud was built to provide public cloud services for the UK public sector.

We were the first cloud provider to achieve Pan Government Accreditation by CESG (now NCSC) as we have always taken a comprehensive approach to assurance, certification and accreditation

We’re government-grade, through and through:

• Our people are all based in the UK and are government security cleared and vetted under the national police personnel vetting (NPPV) scheme
• We are a UK business that operates exclusively under UK legal jurisdiction for protection against foreign surveillance
• All of our datacenters are located in the UK within the Crown Campus – the same facilities used by the government’s Crown Hosting Datacentre Company (CHDC)
• Our platforms are subject to regular and rigorous external security testing by independent NCSC accredited CHECK scheme specialists
• We welcome independent auditing of our processes and systems; from UKAS accredited certification bodies to government authorities such as NCSC, the NHS and the Home Office
• We provide a comprehensive ‘evidence pack’ and maintain a Risk Management and Accreditation Document Set (RMADS) which make it easier for your Senior Information Risk Owners (SIRO) to make an informed decision about the use of our platform

Our customers and partners tell us that their projects are delivered more quickly on the UKCloud platform because it is easier to assure their organisation that their solution is safe and secure.

UK sovereign; not merely UK datacentres

We’re not the only cloud provider that operates UK datacentres, but it is important to recognize the difference between data residency and data sovereignty.

Data residency is where your cloud provider gives you the option to host your applications and data in a UK datacentre. In this way, you have the assurance that your data remains within the UK but that’s not the whole story…

If the cloud provider is based in a foreign country, they will be subject to the legal jurisdiction of that country.  For example, the global cloud providers that are based in the United States of America are subject to certain legislation such as Rule 41 and the CLOUD (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data) Act which states that the cloud provider shall comply regardless of whether the information requested is located within or outside of the US.

Hence, data sovereignty is where your cloud provider:
• Hosts your applications and data in UK datacentres
• Operates the platform that hosts your data using UK based employees
• Is incorporated as a British company under UK legal jurisdiction

Clearly, data sovereignty is not important for all data; but it is essential for large and sensitive datasets that underpin UK public services.

Why UKCloud

We’re dedicated to the digital transformation of our nation’s public services through our flexible, secure and cost-effective multi-cloud platform.

Multi-cloud expertise

There is an easy way to migrate existing systems (such as Oracle and VMware) into the cloud, giving you time and space to transform those traditional systems into cloud native architectures (using Azure and OpenStack). You can avoid lock-in to a single cloud and benefit from competition, delivering you better value and innovation, without compromise.

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UK Public Sector Expertise

UKCloud was created to make a difference to the way public sector IT is delivered. We’ve been exclusively dedicated to supporting the digital transformation of UK public services. We believe in taking the cost, risk and waste out of public sector IT to improve the front-line public services delivered to UK citizens and businesses.

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Customer Commitment

We are devoted to supporting the British citizen, delivering choice and flexibility to our customers. Today, we support hundreds of digital programmes across the UK public sector; from large Central Government shared service solutions to small applications used by NHS trusts or local authorities. Our experts have seen it all.

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Savings and Efficiency

It is easy to understand why the UK public sector has adopted a ‘Cloud First’ policy. So, discover how our Crown Commercial Services (CCS) approved solutions can help you take the cost and inefficiency out of your traditional IT systems and how our SaaS providers can help you adopt ready-made, pay-as-you-go, solutions specific to your community.

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Social Values

The concept of social value means that there is both financial and non-financial value to local communities of public sector programmes that harness the capabilities of British businesses; especially small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

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