The Power of Social Value.

Social Value is Added Value

“Social Value” is a concept where public sector buyers must evaluate the impact of their purchasing decisions on the UK economy, and on society as a whole. It isn’t a new concept and the principles are set out within the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012. This act places a legal obligation on many public sector organisations to consider the wider impact of their purchasing decisions for certain types of procurement. Even if the approach isn’t mandated, public sector buyers are encouraged to apply Social Value principles to their procurements. Government is now considering whether to extend the mandate further.

G-Cloud, the Digital Marketplace and Government’s SME agenda are good examples of how Social value plays out in practice. UKCloud, as a leading Digital Marketplace supplier has created hundreds of high-calibre jobs (including apprenticeships and student placements) as well as ongoing development of skills in cyber, cloud and digital. And it didn’t stop there. There are many others like UKCloud. Many of our partners are small British businesses such as software developers and service providers – and they too grew and developed new capabilities based on services enabled by our platform.

Why UKCloud

We’re dedicated to the digital transformation of our nation’s public services through our flexible, secure and cost-effective multi-cloud platform.

Multi-cloud expertise

There is an easy way to migrate existing systems (such as Oracle and VMware) into the cloud, giving you time and space to transform those traditional systems into cloud native architectures (using Azure and OpenStack). You can avoid lock-in to a single cloud and benefit from competition, delivering you better value and innovation, without compromise.

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UK Public Sector Expertise

UKCloud was created to make a difference to the way public sector IT is delivered. We’ve been exclusively dedicated to supporting the digital transformation of UK public services. We believe in taking the cost, risk and waste out of public sector IT to improve the front-line public services delivered to UK citizens and businesses.

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Sovereignty & Security

UKCloud was built to provide public cloud services for the UK public sector. We were the first cloud provider to achieve Pan Government Accreditation by CESG (now NCSC) as we have always taken a comprehensive approach to assurance, certification and accreditation.

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Customer Commitment

We are devoted to supporting the British citizen, delivering choice and flexibility to our customers. Today, we support hundreds of digital programmes across the UK public sector; from large Central Government shared service solutions to small applications used by NHS trusts or local authorities. Our experts have seen it all.

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Savings and Efficiency

It is easy to understand why the UK public sector has adopted a ‘Cloud First’ policy. So, discover how our Crown Commercial Services (CCS) approved solutions can help you take the cost and inefficiency out of your traditional IT systems and how our SaaS providers can help you adopt ready-made, pay-as-you-go, solutions specific to your community.

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