Email and Collaboration as a Service

UKCloud’s Email & Collaboration service provides a centrally hosted solution that offers Enterprise Class communication and collaboration for organisations wanting significant cost savings, feature-rich technology and a guarantee on service availability – all on a ‘per user per month’ pricing model.

Email and Collaboration as a Service helps organisations and end users work in a secure, efficient and effective manner by providing a range of productivity tools including email, calendaring and tasks. A “Briefcase” provides organisations with a solution for creating a centralised repository to manage and share documents and information with colleagues.

G-Cloud Service ID number: 9035 9711 5421 802 (Assured) 6958 1158 8405 502 (Elevated)


UKCloud’s Email and Collaboration as a Service provides a range of productivity tools, such as email and calendaring, that help your organisation’s end users work securely, efficiently and effectively. The service includes a range of popular applications, accessible via mobile and desktop devices. It also includes secure file sharing functionality for managing and sharing documents and information within project teams.

Our service reduces the cost of deploying and managing assured email systems by billing on the basis of the resources used or reserved during a period of time (one-month minimum). Consumption-based metrics include number of mailboxes, mailbox size (mailbox and archive) and bandwidth.


Feature Benefit
Enterprise grade email and collaboration solution based on Zimbra 30-day free trial option
Share information and documents safely and securely Work collaboratively with other government organisations
Fully featured calendaring solution including sharing and resources Manage your estate: book meetings, resources or rooms
Connect via DDoS-protected Internet, PSN (GCF, Assured & Protected), N3/HSCN All public sector – local government, health & blue light
Works with existing mail clients (outlook) and mobile mail solutions Expand without having to overhaul your estate or purchase hardware
Secure: OFFICIAL & OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE (formerly IL2 & IL3) Reduce local compliance overhead with pre-accredited solutions
Assured; UK hosted by SC and NPPV cleared personnel Know where your data is at all times
Green; UK facilities which offer market leading efficiency Easy to adopt: test, develop and run proof of concepts
Pay for what you use, scale indefinitely and on-demand Flexible payment options reduce CAPEX spend


Email and Collaboration as a Service Information:

• No need to wait for infrastructure and deployment teams as you can quickly provision new mailboxes via our easy-to-use, self-service Portal
• The email and calendaring features your users expect
• A centralised repository of contacts and addresses
• Additional mailbox storage to enable archival and long-term retention
• The ability to store and access content in a centralised location; fully configurable, with access rights and version control, to enable users to create folders and check documents in and out
• Access from mobile devices using common web browsers or via client-based applications, such as Zimbra Desktop Client or Microsoft Outlook and support for MAC based clients
• For solutions in our Assured OFFICIAL domain, domain-specific customisation enabled by a mail-hygiene provider, such as blacklisting, attachment stripping and domain-wide headers and footers


Email and Collaboration as a Service offers the following technical features as standard:

• Fully featured multi-protocol enabled email, calendar, address book, tasks and file collaboration with 1GiB mailboxes
• Encryption-protected client connectivity using FIPS 140-2, with configurable auditable administration rights and single sign-on support
• A chargeable archival option that you can apply to selected or all users, with archived content searchable from the web administration client
• Support for a wide variety of web browsers (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome) and mail clients (such as Zimbra Desktop, Microsoft Outlook 2003–2013, Apple mail or any POP or IMAP-supported client)
• Mobility with support for any compatible smartphone – Android, Apple iPhone and iPad, Symbian and Windows Mobile
• Mobility security options supporting your corporate security policies that mobile devices must accept to receive and store potentially sensitive data and communications, such as forced PIN security, alphanumeric password and automatic device lock/wipe


Additional Service Options


Global Load Balancing

  • Enables customers to direct internet traffic across multiple end-points (which can be across different sites or different platforms)
  • UKCloud subcontracts this service to Neustar, global leaders in network and security services
  • Requires a 12-month minimum term commitment

Application-tuned DDoS protection

  • A domain-based service that can be finely tuned to the profile of specific applications and workloads
  • Complements UKCloud’s platform-level DDoS protection
  • UKCloud subcontracts this service to Neustar, global leaders in network and security services
  • Requires a 12-month minimum term commitment



Q     What is the service?

Email and Collaboration as a Service provides a range of productivity tools, including email, calendaring and tasks, which help an organisation’s end users to work in a secure, efficient and effective way.

Q     What makes up Email and Collaboration as a Service?

UKCloud manages the underlying infrastructure and application, ensuring the integrity of the email solution and mailbox availability. The customer is responsible for customising and managing the solution in terms of users, devices and client applications.

Q     Does UKCloud offer a free trial?

Yes, we appreciate you might have various concerns about the suitability of our service to run your specific workloads. As we’re confident that our service will exceed your expectations, we offer a 30-day free trial so that you can test and evaluate our service without commitment. Your trial provides you with a live environment on the UKCloud platform to test our services and verify whether they are suited to your needs.

Before your trial, a Cloud Architect will engage with you to identify the goals you’re working towards, to help ensure that your trial meets those goals.

Throughout the trial period, a Customer Success Manager (CSM) will provide support for any issues you may encounter or questions you may have.

At the end of your free trial, you can seamlessly move to a billed service, leveraging any of the work you’ve already completed in the live trial environment.

Please note, this is for up to 500 users in a single organisation on request.

Q     How do I request for a free trial?

You can request a trial via the UKCloud website ( and accept the trial terms and conditions. Your environment will then be set up and you will receive trial credits to the equivalent of £500.

Q     What happens when my trial comes to an end?

Your Cloud Architect or CSM will contact you when your trial is due to end, either because you have used up all of your credits or because you have reached 30 days (whichever is sooner).

At the end of your trial, you can transition to production or cease the trial.

Q     Is there a minimum number of mailboxes required?

Yes, there is a minimum charge of 25 mailboxes per month required to set up Email and Collaboration as a Service.

Q     Is there a mail archive solution?

Yes, an archive option is available at an additional cost per GB per month. Pricing is available in the Digital Marketplace, or via your partner or UKCloud account director.

Q     Is there an option to recover deleted emails or tasks?

Yes, as standard, the service offers a dumpster folder which retains items (such as messages and appointments) that have been deleted by the user from the mailbox and trash folder for 30 days. The item to be recovered during this period.

Q     What is briefcase functionality?

Briefcase is a document storing and sharing function that allows users to upload files to the mail store, so that they can access those files from anywhere via the Email and Collaboration as a Service mail client.

Q     How long does it take to get the solution up and running?

Within five days of accepting your order, we’ll create your primary administrator account and send you a welcome pack, which includes the URL for the UKCloud Portal, mailbox services and associated authentication details.

Your administrator can then set policies, create additional user accounts and allocate roles and privileges for users within their project or organisation. Each user can then log on and begin using the service.

Set up of client-based software or mobile devices may be required, depending on your chosen access methods.

The length of time for the solution to be fully operational depends on the amount of work you require once you’ve received the welcome pack.

Q     What are your service maintenance windows?

As far as possible, planned maintenance of UKCloud’s infrastructure takes place between the hours of 00:00 and 06:00 (UK local time) Monday to Sunday, or between the hours of 08:00 and 12:00 (UK local time) on a Saturday or Sunday. We provide customers with at least 14 days advance notice of planned maintenance.

As far as possible, emergency maintenance of UKCloud’s infrastructure takes place between the hours of 00:00 and 06:00 (UK local time) Monday to Sunday, or between the hours of 08:00 and 12:00 (UK local time) on Saturday or Sunday, unless there is an identified and demonstrable immediate risk to a customer’s environment. Whenever possible, we provide customers with at least six hours’ advance notice of emergency maintenance.

Q     Can I use the service as a short-term solution, such as for a couple of months?

Yes. The service is paid for monthly in arrears, and there is no termination charge for cancelling it. Please note that it is your responsibility to extract all of your data prior to the service being terminated, after which we will erase all data.

Q     How can I monitor my usage?

You can access usage and billing information at any time via the secure UKCloud Portal. Details of this portal will be included as part of the welcome pack.

Q     Will emails to other GSI addresses go through the internet on Elevated Zimbra?

No, it will go via the PSN gateways controlled by Vodafone.

Q     Does outbound mail at Elevated go through the GSI gateway?

Yes, you’ll need to register your email address with Vodafone to traverse the gateway.

Q     Can I arrange for a mailbox usage report?

Yes, this can be created for you on request. You’ll need to raise a Service Request in the ‘My Calls’ section of the UKCloud Portal.


Q     How is Email and Collaboration as a Service billed?

The service is charged per mailbox per month (or part thereof) which includes 1GB of mailbox storage. There is a charge of £1 per 1GB of additional storage per mailbox per month. Charges vary depending on the number of mailboxes and whether the service is hosted in the OFFICIAL Assured or Elevated platform. The pricing is stacked and applied for the number of mailboxes within the specified tier. For example, our first 2 tiers are, 1 < 499 and 500 – 999; if you have 600 mailboxes you will pay the first 499 at Tier 1 rate and the next 101 at the Tier 2 rate, the introduction of additional mailboxes up to total of 999 will be charged at Tier 2 rate, when the number of mailboxes exceeds 999 the additional mailboxes will be charged at Tier 3 rate.

Q     How can I pay for the service?

Billing for the service is:

  • Via purchase order
  • At point of order for up-front fees
  • Annually in advance for pre-payment fees
  • Monthly in arrears for monthly fees

Payment can be made by direct bank transfer (BACS/CHAPS).

Q     How can I monitor my usage?

You can access usage and billing information at any time via the secure UKCloud Portal. Details of this portal will be included as part of the welcome pack.


Q     Where is the service hosted?

The service is delivered from two secure UK data centres by UKCloud.

Q     Does my data leave the UK?

As the solution is delivered from UK data centres by a UK company, your data doesn’t leave the UK when at rest. In addition, the solution provides encrypted client connectivity using FIPS 140-2 and S/MIME for digital signatures and email encryption. There are also tools to configure administration rights, create audit trails and set access controls for application and data sharing.

Q     Is the service Pan Government Accredited

UKCloud’s existing PGA still applies to the infrastructure underpinning our services, but since the move to the Government Security Classification Policy (GSCP), we are no longer able to seek PGA for our services.

We are now required to self-assess our services, with customers then responsible for assessing and selecting the most appropriate cloud services which meet their individual security requirements.

We provide confidence that the service still meets the highest level of information assurance, which is why we continue to conduct independent testing and validation of our platform, and have the findings made available to our customers and partners, enabling their SIROs to make an informed decision about self-asserting any service they choose to consume.

Q     Is my data visible to other organisations on the platform?

No, none of the data held within your organisation’s Email and Collaboration as a Service is visible to any other organisation or user.

Q     Is an spam software included?

Yes, mail hygiene is provided via Cisco IronPort® for internet-facing solutions, providing protection against spam and malware. In addition, there is a centralised mail scanning solution within the PSN; combined with the fact that as a restricted network, spam is much less of an issue than with internet connections.

Q     Is there a backup and disaster recovery solution?

Yes, the service is deployed across multiple sites to provide service continuity in the event of a localised disaster. In addition, the service is backed up daily.


Q     How is Email and Collaboration supported?

UKCloud manages and supports the platform in the UK. Depending on the mail client you choose, it may be supported by the third-party provider and not covered under our SLA. Wherever possible, UKCloud will also work with Zimbra to help resolve any compatibility issues.


Q     Can I use Email and Collaboration in the UKCloud Elevated (previously PGA IL3) environment?

Yes, Email and Collaboration as a Service is available on both the Assured and Elevated OFFICIAL platforms.

Q     Can I use Email and Collaboration over closed networks such as PSN, N3/HSCN or Janet?

Yes, you can connect via PSN Assured, PSN Protected, Janet and N3/HSCN; via legacy GCF networks including PNN; or by HybridConnect using your own dedicated circuits such as CPS-encrypted tunnels, leased lines or MPLS.

Q     Which email clients are compatible with Email and Collaboration as a Service?

There is support for a wide variety of web browsers and clients. The list below is for guidance only. Visit the following page for further information:

  • Advanced web client (Ajax) — Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome
  • Standard web client (HTML) — Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome
  • Desktop clients — Zimbra Desktop, Microsoft Outlook 2003–2013, Apple iSync; any POP or IMAP-supported client
  • Mobile access — iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows smartphones and tablets

In addition, the solution includes Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) synchronisation to Microsoft Outlook 2013/2010/2007/2003 with full delegate, offline access and support for S/MIME

Q     Can I migrate my email from another service or datastore?

Yes. The solution includes a migration wizard to help you migrate from an existing solution to Email and Collaboration as a Service.

We can help facilitate a bulk migration to the platform using local data import. This is priced on a time-and-materials basis from the UKCloud SFIA rate card.

We can also recommend partners who specialise in this service.

Q     Can I use a specific domain name?

Yes, you can use any domain name that you have registered, that is hosted by a DNS provider, and is authorised for use on your required network connection.

Q     Can UKCloud host DNS?

Unfortunately, UKCloud is not a DNS host provider. However, there are a number of established providers in the UK. Please contact UKCloud if you need assistance in this area.