Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage from UKCloud is a secure and highly adaptable storage service designed to address a wide variety of use cases. As an object storage platform, it is natively optimised for cloud storage in terms of scale, resilience and accessibility.

What the service can help you achieve

Primary storage for cloud native applications

Integrate Cloud Storage into your cloud-native/mobile applications using S3 API to support next-gen web, mobile and cloud applications.

Backup repository

Utilise a low-cost, high capacity UKCloud storage solution as a natural repository for your backup and archive data, which fully supports native S3 connectors.

Move infrequently accessed files off expensive primary storage

Typically 80% of files on primary storage are inactive. Cloud storage allows organisations to reclaim capacity on expensive T1/T2 storage, and enables automation with policy based file movement.

Enterprise collaboration

Repository for your organisation’s drop-box or collaborative document management solution.


Technical Features

Our solution delivers a state-of-the art unstructured storage engine that offers an unmatched combination of storage efficiency and data access. Cloud Storage provides enhanced data durability, with built in protection from disk and node failures. The service provides additional protection with geo-replication through our ENHANCED service level.

check Scale with reliability – Cloud Storage is highly resilient against server and disk drive failures, and provides Exabyte scale check Encryption of data at rest — 256-bit AES encryption
check S3 compatibility — use hundreds of existing Amazon S3–compatible applications via the UKCloud S3-compatible API check Native support – for REST interfaces for reliable connectivity over the DDoS-protected internet, PSN and other wide area networks
check Wide support – for developer languages and frameworks — simple, secure access using almost any language or framework including .NET, Java, C, Flex, PHP, Python, Ruby and JavaScript with language bindings; new modules for Drupal and content-addressable storage (CAS) developers are also available check Rich Metadata – Retrieve your data easily and contextually with industry-leading metadata search
check Relief from capacity management issues – related to LUNS, RAID groups and file systems check Integration – with existing native and virtualised enterprise applications, with no change to the application or stack


Why UKCloud?

  • UK sovereignty— providing secure cloud services exclusively to the UK public sector, delivered across two accredited UK data centres with UK government security-cleared staff
  • Rapid elasticity— security-assured platform, with elasticity to automatically scale on demand, meaning you no longer have to size for (and pay for) peak capacity during off-peak periods
  • Easy, secure connectivity– to the internet and trusted public sector community networks including PSN, N3/HSCN, Janet and RLI
  • A wide-ranging partner ecosystem — offering additional services on top of UKCloud, to support you on your journey from inflexible and inefficient IT towards choice, agility and value