Private Cloud – Compute

Our Private Cloud – Compute product provides to a single-tenant platform, where your compute needs are hosted either in one of our data centres, to gain the benefits of our Assured and Elevated cloud platforms; or in your Crown Hosting Data Centre (CHDC).

G-Cloud Service ID number: 4089 6140 1714 745 (Assured) 7730 7981 8106 558 (Elevated)


Private Cloud – Compute enables you to achieve a private infrastructure that is sized for predictable sizes and types of workloads. Provides assurance of additional isolation within the community of UK public-sector customers. Promotes less complex compute management; no more managing compliance, hypervisors or hardware you are able to consume assured cloud computing.

The service provides a better way to deliver the private cloud element of a hybrid cloud strategy with secure, UK-sovereign hosting, management by UK government security-cleared experts and accredited connectivity to government community networks.


Feature Benefit
Private single-tenant cloud compute solution provides stronger isolation assurance Designed around your requirements – the perfect balance between a bespoke solution and the efficiency of a dedicated environment
Dedicated infrastructure providing more flexibility compared to shared infrastructure Ability to choose from UKCloud compute sizing range or to specify your own
Choice of location for your infrastructure: UKCloud or CHDC UKCloud data centres in Farnborough and Corsham are located on the same sites as the data centres offered by CHDC – providing proximity to your UK Cloud hosted by us
Secure and flexible software-defined data centre solution powered by VMware vCloud Director or OpenStack Providing a choice of platform to address your needs
Flexible connectivity options: internet, PSN, N3/HSCN, Janet or HybridConnect A choice of connectivity to suit you and your customers, depending on their chosen connectivity needs


The service is designed for organisations whose particular requirements suit a dedicated compute infrastructure, rather than a multi-tenant compute solution. It is ideal if you need:

  • Scale – for a unique hardware configuration (for example, high-performance compute and SAP HANA)
  • Enhanced assurance – for additional isolation within the community of UK public-sector customers
  • Control over your budget – choose between a predictable cost model and ownership of the infrastructure asset


Private Cloud – Compute provides the following technical features:

  • Native compatibility with a wide variety of operating systems (for example, Windows, Linux and Solaris x86) and applications (for example, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft)
  • Automated systems management via the UKCloud Portal and API (for example, show-back of utilisation, health, availability)
  • Option to implement a dual-site replicated Private Cloud – Compute solution leveraging UKCloud’s existing CESG-assured WAN connectivity


Service options include:

  • Offline facilities to support data ingestion and extraction
  • Connectivity options including HybridConnect, PSN, N3/HSCN, Janet, RLI, internet and data centre interconnect

Other service options are available. Please see the UKCloud Pricing Guide, which lists all the service options available within our Private Cloud – Compute.



Q     What is the service?

Private Cloud – Compute is a single-tenant Compute as a Service, where your compute requirements are hosted either in one of our data centres, to gain the benefits of our Assured and Elevated cloud platforms; or in your Crown Hosting Data Centre (CHDC); powered by VMware vCloud Director or OpenStack.

Q     How does Private Cloud – Compute differ from UKCloud’s Enterprise Compute Cloud?

Private Cloud – Compute provides you with dedicated infrastructure – the compute infrastructure is designed for the exclusive use of each customer, and provides the highest levels of separation and isolation from other customers.

This service differs from Enterprise Compute Cloud in that it also allows you to have more flexibility in the size of your VMs.

Q     What backup/disaster recovery options do I get?

You can choose between two protection levels:

  • Automated VM backup – providing protection in one data centre
  • Site replication and failover – providing remote protection in a second data centre

Q     Where will my data be physically stored?

Your data will be stored in our highly resilient, UK-sovereign tier 3 data centres, which are separated by over 100km.

Q     How much data can I store?

A core benefit of Private Cloud – Compute is that it can scale to meet the most demanding compute requirements.


Q     How do I access my environment?

You can access your VMs using:

  • The remote console through the UKCloud Portal
  • Remote access protocols (such as RDP/SSH) over a VPN or secure network

Documentation on ways to interact with the platform is available from the UKCloud Portal Knowledge Centre.


Q     How do I raise a support ticket?

UKCloud’s secure online Portal provides the most common service management functionality. Alternatively, you can contact support by phone or email.

Q     How do I manage my services?

Private Cloud – Compute on the Assured OFFICIAL (formerly IL2) domain can be managed over the internet via the UKCloud Portal.

For the Elevated OFFICIAL (formerly IL3) domain, the security requirements are much stricter and require either a PSN-approved connection, UKCloud Secure Remote Access, or CAPS-approved encryption.

Q     What are your service maintenance windows?

As far as possible, planned maintenance of UKCloud’s infrastructure takes place between the hours of 00:00 and 06:00 (UK local time) Monday to Sunday, or between the hours of 08:00 and 12:00 (UK local time) on a Saturday or Sunday. We provide customers with at least 14 days’ advance notice of planned maintenance.

As far as possible, emergency maintenance of UKCloud’s infrastructure takes place between the hours of 00:00 and 06:00 (UK local time) Monday to Sunday, or between the hours of 08:00 and 12:00 (UK local time) on Saturday or Sunday, unless there is an identified and demonstrable immediate risk to a customer’s environment. Whenever possible, we provide customers with at least six hours’ advance notice of emergency maintenance.


Q     How can I get started with the service?

On acceptance of your order, we’ll work with you to create a detailed design for your Private Cloud – Compute service. The design will formalise the dedicated components required for your solution.

If this is a new service for you, we will create your primary administrator account and send you a welcome pack, which includes the URL for the UKCloud Portal for access to the Knowledge Centre and service management function.


Q     What is the smallest unit of time I will be billed for?

Billing depends on the packaging option chosen –  the smallest option for this service is monthly.

Please note, this service is offered under a 24-month minimum term commitment.

 Q     How can I pay for the services?

Service charges are billed monthly in arrears. In addition, there will be initial upfront charges, which vary depending on the pricing model selected.

Payment can be made by direct bank transfer (BACS/CHAPS).

Q     How can I view billing information?

Billing information is available via the UKCloud Portal.

Q    What are the termination fees?

An early exit charge will be payable if the contract is terminated before the end of its original term. Customers are responsible for extracting their data from the platform if required.

UKCloud may make an additional charge for transferring data out of the service.

Q     Is there a free trial?

Owing to the dedicated, single-tenant nature of this service, no trials are available.


Q     What data is suitable for our cloud?

The service is hosted in the UK and operated by Security Cleared staff. It has extensive independent validation (including CESG design reviews) that it is fully aligned with CESG Cloud Security Principles, and is therefore ideal for all data classified at OFFICIAL (including OFFICIAL SENSITIVE).

Q     Can systems on different UKCloud platforms communicate with one another?

UKCloud’s Cross Domain Security Zone allows customers to use the UKCloud-defined and managed Guard, or a customer-designed and managed Walled Garden, to enable communication between platforms.

For more information, see the Cross Domain Security Zone Service Definition.