Enterprise Compute Cloud for Oracle

Enterprise Compute Cloud for Oracle provides you with Infrastructure as a Service powered by OVM technology. Fully compliant with the compatibility and licencing requirements of Oracle-based enterprise applications helping you to embrace the government’s Cloud First policy.

G-Cloud Service ID number: 1185 7802 2109 186 (Assured)  7730 6293 9100 464 (Elevated) 


UKCloud has a strong heritage in powering digital workloads across the UK public sector. We’ve come to realise that many UK public sector organisations have historically invested heavily in Oracle-based applications, which are not easy to transform as they are so embedded in the backbone of many of the core capabilities being delivered. Some examples of public sector services underpinned by Oracle’s database technology include ERP solutions, finance systems (such as payroll), HR systems and a wide variety of citizen-supporting applications.

These complex systems traditionally use dedicated hardware. They also have a number of requirements that must be satisfied to maintain their operation, such as particular technical or performance requirements, or more traditional, per-processor core licensing options.
Many of these requirements present significant challenges to business initiatives for optimising efficiency or embracing the government’s Cloud First policy.

Enterprise Compute Cloud for Oracle can help you achieve the business goals at the centre of your strategy, without risking your operational ability to execute. Our platform enables the design and delivery of reliable and resilient services that benefit from the economies and agility of IaaS.


Feature Benefit
Powered by OVM technology Perfect for Oracle’s technical and commercial requirements
Configurable resource sizes Configure the solution that is right for your application
24/7 service desk included as standard with SLA response times Feel supported to get the best from your application
Platform spans two UK data centres separated by over 100km. Architect solutions with confidence that applications and services remain available
Utilise the Cross Domain Security Zone solutions Make compelling citizen facing services, whilst ensuring data remains safe
Assured; hosted in the UK by approved operatives Have confidence in who has access to your data
Aligned with CESG Cloud Security Principles Solutions on a cloud that aligns with CESG best practice
Connect over the internet, PSN, N3 or JANET Choose the right network to connect your solution to
Based on enterprise grade systems from Oracle, Cisco and EMC Use known technologies to de-risk your cloud transition


Enterprise Compute Cloud – Oracle provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), powered by Oracle VM (OVM) technology, that is fully compliant with the compatibility and licensing requirement of Oracle-based enterprise applications. This service sits adjacent to UKCloud’s genuine assured cloud services, enabling you to leverage the benefits of digital transformation while maintaining your investment and integration with traditional Oracle-based services.

Oracle workloads are priced per month, and your bills are based on the resources that you actually allocate to your solution. In contrast to traditional hosting models, this ensures there’s no lock-in to unnecessarily licensed or under-utilised hardware.

Our flexible pricing enables you to map neatly to your existing specifications and scale resources up or down based on new or changing requirements. You’re not constrained to the resources identified in a design phase.

Whether you are looking to deliver on the first phase of your cloud transformation, or prolong the life of existing systems, Enterprise Compute Cloud – Oracle offers a number of benefits to enable your strategic goals:

  • The scalable nature of UKCloud’s service enables you to add or remove cores in line with your understanding of the performance requirements of your solution
  • Compliance with your Oracle licensing, enabling you to bring your own per-core licensing to UKCloud’s cloud
  • Platform designed to reduce workload movement and provide stability
  • Service level agreements that are sensitive to the requirements of Oracle applications


Enterprise Compute Cloud – Oracle offers a number of technical benefits specific to Oracle workloads:

  • Based on Oracle’s own OVM technology at the hypervisor layer
  • Based on enterprise hardware from Cisco and EMC
  • Use of core-pinning technology means that Oracle workloads operating on the UKCloud platform aren’t subject to the types of movement that can unbalance Oracle applications running on other cloud platforms
  • The scalable nature of UKCloud’s service enables you to add or remove cores in line with your understanding of the performance requirements of your solution
  • Multiple storage options allowing you to choose the right characteristics to underpin your applications – choose from fast tier 1 for performance sensitive applications, to more general purpose storage for everyday transactions.


Enterprise Compute Cloud – Oracle provides workloads with an uncontended infrastructure optimised for the performance and availability of Oracle workloads.

You can right-size the allocated resources to suit the changing demands of your application; ensuring performance and avoiding over-capacity. You can specify the resource allocation of each workload independently: simply choose the appropriate number of CPU cores, amount of memory and required storage from the catalogue.

This Oracle-powered platform is compliant with Oracle’s licensing requirements, enabling you to license just the processor cores you use.


We understand you’re likely to be running mission-critical applications on our platform, and that sometimes the quickest way to resolve issues will be through human contact. There are no hidden charges for UKCloud support, which includes:

  • Staffed telephone service desk and NOC
  • 24/7 support for high-priority incidents
  • Technical account management
  • Cloud solution architect and SME engagement to help you define the best solution


Enterprise Compute Cloud – Oracle includes the base OVM platform licences, which provide VM containers that meet Oracle’s definition of hard partitioning.
Our service doesn’t include licences for the Oracle applications and databases you choose to run. As the underlying platform is powered by OVM technology, you can either transfer your existing licences, or confidently buy new licences based on the quantity of virtual processors you allocate within each VM.
If you need help defining the best licensing approach for your situation, we can introduce you to one of our partners who specialise in Oracle licensing compliance, optimisation and fulfilment.



Q     What technology is UKCloud’s Enterprise Compute Cloud – Oracle based on?

UKCloud have chosen to utilise Oracle own Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) technology and hypervisor to underpin its Oracle platform.

Q     Can UKCloud provide me with Oracle application licencing?

No, customers are responsible for ensuring that they have purchased the appropriate licencing for their Oracle solution.

Q     Which Oracle architectures are suitable for deployment on the UKCloud?

UKCloud are currently working on a “known good” list of architectures that will allow customers to ascertain if UKCloud’s platform is suitable for hosting their Oracle workloads.

Please engage a UKCloud solutions architect to see how we can help with your requirements

Q     When will the Enterprise Compute Cloud – Oracle be widely available?

The current release plan is for Q4 2016. Prior to this UKCloud are running a private BETA for customers who are keen to help us build the platform. If you are interested in being part of this BETA, please get in contact with your account manager.