"UKCloud offered a cost-effective, virtualised environment that was all set up and ready to go."

What we do

Dedicated to helping the UK Public Sector, we deliver choice and flexibility through safe and trusted cloud technology. We are supporting the public sector to transform the delivery of IT through innovative and trusted multi-cloud platforms.

Making transformation happen because:

  • No one cloud fits all – our multi-cloud platform offers choice and flexibility.
  • We are built for the UK – our cloud platforms are all situated within the secure Government-grade Crown Hosting environment that we call Crown Campus.
  • We’ve delivered more than 200 public sector digital transformation projects.
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Each cloud has unique characteristics that make it great for some things but sub-optimal for others. So that you don’t have to compromise, we deliver all the major cloud environments within our pioneering multi-cloud platform.

UKCloud for Microsoft Azure




A Hybrid Cloud that spans Microsoft’s Public Datacentre regions and UKCloud’s managed Azure Stack platform.

Cloud adoption on your terms. Providing consistency in skills and tools across the platform with the flexibility to choose where you deploy depending on the varied requirements across your organisation.



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Comprehensive and personalised support

Your workloads are often mission critical and require immediate interactive support when issues arise – you can’t wait for a forum response. We are ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you at times of crisis; and there are no hidden charges with UKCloud support

Proven capability

Developed by Microsoft as an extension of Azure and validated against Cisco hardware, UKCloud for Microsoft Azure provides proven compatibility with applications developed for Microsoft Azure’s public Cloud

Protective Monitoring

Both our Assured and Elevated OFFICIAL security domains feature enhanced Protective Monitoring (security information and event management) at the hypervisor layer and below, to provide the highest levels of assurance aligned with NCSC good practice guidance

UKCloud for OpenStack


Highly scalable and flexible IaaS services, designed for open-source based cloud native applications and digital workloads.

OpenStack has established itself as the open standard cloud platform on which developers are able to build agile and elastic digital solutions that are not locked into any single cloud service provider, unlike most multi-national public cloud services.


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Globally backed cloud platform

the most widely adopted and understood open source cloud platform, providing you with a familiar service and an active open source community

Access to a vast catalogue of free open source tools

helping you accelerate cloud development to improve workload efficiency and reduce costs through sharing code

Span your infrastructure

this can be spanned across on-premises, private cloud and Crown Hosting to support your hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, as well as mitigating risk through geo-resilience

UKCloud for Oracle Software


Powered by Oracle technology, this provides the best commercial and technical solution for your Oracle workloads.

UKCloud provides and maintains the core infrastructure that will allow you to bring your own Oracle licensing and build a solution unique to your needs. This provides flexibility to scale your resource usage as your needs evolve, without the historical on-going hardware investment associated with Oracle.

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Compatible with the most popular Oracle applications

Use common applications used in citizen facing solutions today, including Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle E-Business Suite.

Convenience and Flexibility

Condense your on-premise infrastructure footprint by running Oracle workloads within UKCloud for Oracle, and moving non-Oracle workloads into the multi-cloud platform

UKCloud for VMware



Aimed at enterprise customers with service levels specifically designed to support business critical applications. We can help you achieve your business goals at the centre of your strategy, without risking your operational ability to execute.

VMware provides you with the trusted, connected and flexible cloud platform you need to deliver your critical enterprise applications.


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On demand – billed by the hour for resources used

Enabling cost savings by controlling VM power states

Build and configure VMs via secure self-service portal & API

Get the resources you need, when you need them

Get the resources you need, when you need them

A range of service levels, VM sizes and licencing options

Configure the solution that is right for your application

A range of service levels, VM sizes and licencing options

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We work with organisations that deliver public services. Our multi-cloud platform helps them transform the communities they serve.


You’re transforming how you interact with citizens and businesses by delivering services online and to do this you need the right technologies and systems.

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Cloud environments can underpin the deployment of the digital technologies you need to support transformation. They offer greater scalability and business continuity capabilities, along with greater flexibility and capacity.

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As a local authority, you need to improve resident services, while spending cuts mean you also have to save money. Deploying new digital technologies hosted in the cloud will help you better respond to these challenges.

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New ways to deliver information services to the end user, such as the use of secure cloud, are urgently required. The old ways of working – with inflexible, expensive, slow-to-change contracts and infrastructure – are becoming a thing of the past.

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We recognise you’re required to deliver a better service for a lower budgetary spend. You need access to the very best data storage, analysis and collaborative technology to remain at the forefront of innovation and research.

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Just like other public-facing organisations, you’re challenged with meeting an increased demand for service with ever decreasing budgets. New ways of working need to be adopted and new applications need to be deployed to meet these challenges.

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The police and justice community is being challenged to improve services, but also reduce costs in the face of spending cuts. Existing resources are over stretched whilst the demand for service and performance improvements increases.

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Enterprise & Private Sector

We help organisations modernise legacy technology whilst building transformative digital services, using our safe and trusted multi-cloud platform that delivers unrivalled choice and flexibility

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Our multi-cloud solutions enable your organisation to deliver better outcomes for UK citizens, by transforming the delivery of IT through innovative and trusted multi-cloud platforms.

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