Upcoming Webinars

In addition to our events, throughout the year we run a series of webinars that aim to inform customers of our latest product releases, industry news and much more. As additional events are scheduled we will publish details here, so please check this page regularly to register.

Overcoming the Barriers to Data Centre Modernisation
26th July 2018 at 10am

Traditional data centres are inefficient and inflexible, and transitioning your existing services to the cloud will reduce costs AND improve agility for your organisation. But how do you build the case for modernisation and overcome the barriers to adoption?

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On-demand webinars

A guide to the new Sovereign Azure cloud

Learn just what UKCloud’s new Sovereign Azure offering is, how it fits into our multi-cloud proposition, and understand how this platform supports your cloud transformation and delivers outcomes such as simplified operating models, reduced operating costs and increased developer productivity.

To view this recorded webinar, please click here.

Transition your existing applications to the cloud with UKCloud VMware-based cloud computing

This session explains how Enterprise Compute Cloud fits into our new multi-cloud proposition. For many customers, it is the obvious first choice for securely transitioning existing applications to the cloud, and we outline why this may be the case including use cases.

We also identify the next steps in transforming applications for the cloud and support that UKCloud can offer you utilising functions, networking, supporting services and solution architecture.

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How containers can increase application delivery, innovation and agility whilst reducing cost

Join Steve and Junaid as they explain the benefits of application containers hosted on UKCloud’s OpenShift powered Cloud Native Application Platform (CNAP).

This session covers what containers are, how they accelerate and drive innovation, reduce the cost of application delivery and dispel any myths around containerisation security.

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Migrating your Oracle workload to the cloud

Take advantage of the new Enterprise Compute Cloud for Oracle platform which enables you to transition your Oracle workloads to the cloud, allowing you to significantly reduce CAPEX, and move to a pay as you use model. We identify the core commercial pain points of managing an Oracle workload, licensing, infrastructure and future plans.

This webinar was delivered by Steve Hall, Product Marketing Manager and Bart Challis, Cloud Architect.

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GDPR: Am I bothered?

GDPR is widely regarded as being one of the most significant regulations to come out of Brussels for years and it will affect all of us –   as individuals, as digital vendors and as digital leaders. Hear from our CEO, Simon Hansford, on the arrival of GDPR in May 2018 and the impact it will have on your organisation.

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Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Realise the potential of our Disaster Recovery and business continuity service powered by Zerto which ensures your workloads are unaffected by service issues such as failed software updates, malicious attacks or local hardware failures. This webinar was delivered by Steve Hall, Product Marketing Manager, and Bart Challis, Cloud Architect.

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