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UKCloud's New VMware Public Cloud

The UKCloud VMware service is designed to support both traditional enterprise and modern cloud-native applications, providing a complete set of highly secure software-defined services across your entire environment, covering compute, storage, networks, security, Kubernetes and cloud management. UKCloud’s VMware Anywhere approach enables enterprise agility by delivering consistent infrastructure and operations across edge, hybrid, sovereign, private and public clouds.

We’ve packaged and aligned this new capability to deliver resources that are secure by default. Tooling is integrated and embedded into your solution from day one, simplifying deployment and management, and delivering a complete solution at a highly competitive price point.

Our VMware-based cloud will be evolving to deliver leading edge VMware functionality that simplifies your digital transformation. UKCloud for VMware is the solution that will future proof your environment, offering an enhanced set of options, at a competitive price, to ensure your workloads are secure and optimised.

Security and Performance

Securing your digital future with the latest security capabilities, with uncompromised performance for a variety of workloads.

Simplicity and Usability

Enhanced technology to drive your digital journey quickly and easily without compromising workload integrity.

Delivering virtual machine (VM) combinations that deliver greater flexibility to align with your application requirements. This simplifies migrations and ensures VMs are always optimised, performant and cost-effective.


  • VMs delivering optimum performance, aligned and optimised to support your specific requirements
  • Memory intensive options, such as high transactional databases, with higher memory-to-CPU ratio
  • Compute intensive options with increased clock speeds and higher CPU-to-memory ratio, supporting batch processing web services and analytic workloads
  • Optimise cost and performance with the ability to analyse and right size your workloads

Deploy and manage containers alongside VMs. VMware Tanzu Kubernetes provides a simplified, consistent approach to container deployment, scaling and management with tools, automation and data-driven insights. 


  • Enterprise-ready Kubernetes runtime
  • Manage containers alongside VMs with a consistent familiar interface
  • Multi-cloud Kubernetes management
  • Full-stack enterprise observability

Fully integrated backup service – benefit from extended policy options, ad-hoc backups, self-service, file-level recovery and auto tiering. All with simplified and scalable packaging.


  • Extended backup policies and ad-hoc backup capabilities 
  • Custom backup policies supporting workloads with a high rate of change 
  • File-level backups ensure only critical data is protected 
  • Self-service gives you full control of backup and restoration 
  • Granular file-level recovery 

Ensures your workloads are resilient and secure. VMs are packaged to include enhanced security through micro-segmentation and policy based distributed firewalls


  • Immediately de-risk critical workloads  
  • Protect workloads from both internal and external malicious attack 
  • Improve organisational security stance 
  • Automatically applied and centralised consistent security policies ensure security of your critical workloads, preventing intrusion and attack from within
  • Included with all VMs 

VMware Cloud Director Availability provides integrated cloud-to-cloud disaster recovery (DR) that ensures your workloads are protected from both internal and external threats. The solution also enables secure and cost-effective onboarding and workload migration at a competitive price. 


  • Immediately de-risk critical workloads and improve your security stance
  • Compliance is achieved through simple regular DR testing with no impact on production workloads
  • Tiered DR enables you to select the right level of protection aligned to your workload criticality
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) can be aligned to your workload criticality and budget

All flash storage tiers that support high transactional databases and data analytics with encryption at rest enabled by default. The solution improves your compliance and security stance and protects data by preventing attackers from accessing unencrypted data.


  • Improved organisational security stance with encryption at rest enabled by default
  • Leverage analytics at scale with consistent, predictable performance and high throughput low latency all-flash storage


Our new sovereign, fully-native S3 compatible cloud storage service provides military grade security, ensuring the best data protection. With S3 object lock, your data becomes immutable and cannot be altered or deleted until the policy-defined retention period is met. 


  • Immutable storage securely preserves records and maintains data integrity, protecting against modification or deletion in line with the desired retention period
  • Fully-native S3 compatible
  • Offload VM catalogues and templates to cheaper object storage
  • Geo-distributed, enhanced storage protection across our UK-sovereign data centres


The App Launchpad delivers deployment-ready applications for developers and DevOps engineers. It includes a comprehensive set of pre-packaged, self-contained open-source applications that are continuously maintained and verifiably tested, increasing developer productivity.


• Large catalogue of pre-packaged open-source applications, tested and verified by VMware
• Improves productivity
• Simple to install and maintain

“At UKCloud we’ve been providing secure, sovereign, sustainable cloud services for the last decade. The implementation of the latest technologies on our VMware cloud platform demonstrates the strengthening of our strategic partnership with VMware and the commitment to deliver technology that will drive greater innovation and support the UK's digital future.”
Guy Martin,
VMware Product Manager, UKCloud

Early Access Programme

Take advantage of these new features as they become available by signing up to our early access programme. Whilst not all new features will be available in the production environment, this programme will give you the chance to test our new VMware Anywhere experience and help us to ensure it provides the features and functionality that you need.