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UKCloud's New VMware Public Cloud

The UKCloud VMware service is designed to support both traditional enterprise and modern cloud-native applications, providing a complete set of highly secure software-defined services across your entire environment, covering compute, storage, networks, security, Kubernetes and cloud management. UKCloud’s VMware Anywhere approach enables enterprise agility by delivering consistent infrastructure and operations across edge, hybrid, sovereign, private and public clouds.

We’ve packaged and aligned this new capability to deliver resources that are secure by default. Tooling is integrated and embedded into your solution from day one, simplifying deployment and management, and delivering a complete solution at a highly competitive price point.

Our VMware-based cloud will be evolving to deliver leading edge VMware functionality that simplifies your digital transformation. UKCloud for VMware is the solution that will future proof your environment, offering an enhanced set of options, at a competitive price, to ensure your workloads are secure and optimised.

Security and Performance

Securing your digital future with the latest security capabilities, with uncompromised performance for a variety of workloads.

Simplicity and Usability

Enhanced technology to drive your digital journey quickly and easily without compromising workload integrity.

A VMware enterprise grade platform delivered on demand with a wide array of Virtual machine (VM) that enables all applications to move to the cloud and support your data centre modernisation, with minimal need to rearchitect applications or reskill existing teams.


  • Enterprise cloud platform, backed by familiar VMware tooling reducing the barrier to business adoption of cloud services
  • Known attributes for CPU and Storage providing certainty around application performance
  • No need to for extensive application rearchitecture to meet your availability requirements
  • Right size the cloud environments to exactly what you need to optimise, cost and performance
  • Memory intensive options, such as high transactional databases, with higher memory-to-CPU ratio
  • Compute intensive options with increased clock speeds and higher CPU-to-memory ratio, supporting batch processing web services and analytic workloads

Providing a foundation for a modern, multi-cloud container infrastructure with a simplified, consistent approach to container deployment, scaling and management with automation and data-driven insights.


  • Run and manage Kubernetes workloads alongside your existing Virtual Machines (VMs) enables your staff to get started fast, modernize existing apps without lift and shift and more
  • Deliver a stable, consistent platform for containerized applications with a conformant, enterprise-ready runtime managed by a centralized management hub
  • Connect and secure microservices and applications with transaction-level insights, security policies, and end-to-end data encryption
  • Gather and analyse platform and application metrics, traces, and logs to proactively detect anomalies, devise fixes, and tune your infrastructure and applications for best performance

Dynamically scale your environment up or down to adjust to changing workload demands, by increasing or decreasing the number of instances of virtual machines in your deployment.


  • Maintain the performance of your application whilst reducing costs
  • Automatically scale up or down the number of VMs in a selected scale group
  • Govern scale and reconfigure actions by using entitlements, approval policies, or by designing constraints directly into blueprints
  • Scale out provision’s additional instances of your machines, and scale in destroys machines in last in, first out order
  • Software components are provisioned or destroyed along with machines that are scaled, and the update life cycle scripts are run for any software components that depend on the scaled machine components

Gain insight into your environments and get recommendations on how to improve performance, security or optimise costs. Pro-actively monitor and analyse your workloads, enabling a deeper understanding of your environments, to improve performance and fine tune your workload for optimal performance.


  • Continually improve your environment sizing to drive best value from your infrastructure by monitoring a multitude of technical performance metrics
  • Understand the patching level and compliance of your IT estate – allowing you to see the overall patch status of your system
  • Familiar VMware tooling will ensure that you don’t need to have different operational playbooks for you on premise and cloud environments
  • Develop custom report based on your specific metric requirements

A pre-curated application marketplace that allows developers and DevOps engineers to easily deploy and consume applications without having to worry about the underlying endpoint security and infrastructure.


  • Large catalogue of pre-packaged open-source applications, tested and verified by VMware
  • Applications are provided from UKCloud, the VMware Cloud Marketplace, ISV and custom in-house applications
  • With a single click, developers can deploy an application of their choice with 1-click, without worrying about infrastructure configurations like network, storage, VM size, etc
  • Deploy applications automatically recognising whether the endpoint is a Virtual Machine or container

Customise your backups to meet your data protection, compliance and business continuity needs. Supports you to meet local compliance ensuring you have a sovereign, immutable, offsite copy, of your data to meet local compliance laws, with fast recovery and minimal data loss to recover quickly from business impacting events such as ransomware attacks.


  • Custom backup policies supporting workloads with a high rate of change
  • Have different policies in play depending on the requirements of individual applications or data
  • File-level backups to ensure only critical data is protected, alongside file-level recovery to recover what is needed
  • Self-service gives you full control of backup and restoration
  • Perform ad-hoc backups to support unplanned maintenance activities

Integrated cloud-to-cloud disaster recovery (DR) across edge, hybrid, sovereign, private and public clouds to ensures your workloads are protected from both internal and external threats. The solution also enables secure and cost-effective onboarding and workload migration at a competitive price.


  • Immediately de-risk critical workloads and improve your security stance
  • Compliance is achieved through simple regular DR testing with no impact on production workloads
  • Tiered DR enables you to select the right level of protection aligned to your workload criticality
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) can be aligned to your workload criticality and budget
  • Secure and cost-effective onboarding and workload migration

Utilise our next generation sovereign cloud storage to create immutable data archives to preserve data for the long term, confidently store data to support next generation solutions developing new data insights or supporting the training of AI and ML solutions or simply reduce the costs of new and existing solutions.


  • Immutable storage securely preserves records and maintains data integrity, protecting against modification or deletion in line with the desired retention period
  • Fully-native S3 compatible
  • Offload VM catalogues and templates to cheaper object storage
  • Geo-distributed, enhanced storage protection across our UK-sovereign data centres
  • Store data that has a requirement to only be subject to sovereign data laws


A secure, sovereign platform with capabilities to protect your applications and data from both internal and external malicious attacks. Assurance that the platform is independently validated, securely managed, and operated by UK based security vetted staff


  • Located in securely managed datacentres within the UK
  • Data at Rest Encryption to protect against physical access to hardware
  • Firewalls and load balancers available as standard allowing control of traffic into your applications (from the internet, etc.)
  • Distributed firewalling (micro-segmentation) as standard allowing control of traffic within your applications; for example, between web servers
  • A platform that is protectively monitored, allowing you to focus on the security of your applications rather than the underlying infrastructure with options to extend protection into your application
“At UKCloud we’ve been providing secure, sovereign, sustainable cloud services for the last decade. The implementation of the latest technologies on our VMware cloud platform demonstrates the strengthening of our strategic partnership with VMware and the commitment to deliver technology that will drive greater innovation and support the UK's digital future.”
Guy Martin,
VMware Product Manager, UKCloud

Early Access Programme

Take advantage of these new features as they become available by signing up to our early access programme. Whilst not all new features will be available in the production environment, this programme will give you the chance to test our new VMware Anywhere experience and help us to ensure it provides the features and functionality that you need.