Virtual Summit: Accelerating digitalisation in the UK Public Sector

With a full day of sessions on topics including IT modernisation, digital transformation, and smart cities – you are bound to find something of interest. Scroll down to view the full agenda.

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Legacy IT Modernisation:

A C-Level Perspective

In our opening keynote of the day, Steve Lawrence, CGO at UKCloud will be joined by special guests Malcolm Whitehouse, CIO at the University of Manchester and Tom Zebedee, CTO at Ofsted to discuss how they have overcome the challenges of modernising legacy IT at their respective organisations. Our panel will be discussing how they have overcome the blockers to cloud within their organisations, how they’ve developed an affordable and actionable IT modernisation strategy that saves money and how that enables greater adoption of digital technology in order to drive a future innovation agenda.

Join Steve Lawrence (UKCloud), Malcolm Whitehouse (University of Manchester), Tom Zebedee (Ofsted),  between 10:00 – 11:00.

Achieve IT Resilience – Accelerate Digital Initiatives

IT resilience is a new concept for many public sector organisations, and a number have not yet developed a robust strategy around this. What are the challenges hindering public sector IT resilience maturity and why are traditional methods not working? Hear how UKCloud and Zerto can help you achieve IT Resilience regardless of where you are in your digital journey.

Join Chris Rogers from Zerto between 11:00 – 12:00.

Digitising unstructured data to create an intelligent view of citizen / student information

Accessing information to continue delivery of service to Citizens and students is a challenge in the new mode of hybrid working.  Bringing together unstructured data from both paper and other digital sources into a single view is a key enabler for good service delivery.  This session will explore how intelligent information can be surfaced in a single application and accessed any time, any place to enable employees to be productive and continue delivery of key services.

Join Jonathan Elliot from Entrospective between 12:00 – 13:00.

Building Smarter, Connected Cities

Rob Bullock – Chief Sales Officer at Connexin, will be joined by Adam Jennison – Principal Lead for Smart Cities within Hull City Council to discuss how Hull is becoming a leading smart city. They will be discussing why Hull City Council developed a smart city strategy, the challenges they faced to implement it and how these challenges were overcome. Hear how Connexin are supporting Hull City Council through the provision of programmable infrastructure and supporting a data driven approach to service delivery.

Join Rob Bullock from Connexin and Adam Jennison from Hull City Council between 13:00 – 14:00.

Modernising ICT Service Delivery

Even before Covid-19, many public sector service delivery teams were on the path to modernising their IT ecosystems utilising emerging and existing technologies. As IT estates grow, its important that you have full visibility across the environment and maintain cost controls. Join this session with Opsview to learn about monitoring legacy IT infrastructure as well as newer technologies and how you can achieve that elusive single pane of glass.

Join Scott Heyhoe from Opsview between 14:00 – 15:00.

Local Government Transformation: How councils are driving Digital Outcomes

Years of austerity and tight cost control have resulted in ‘make do’ actions and older infrastructure, which compromises the overall security, resilience and scalability of IT in Local GovernmentIn this talk, our panel will discuss how to reduce the time, cost and risk of modernising existing IT so local authorities can deliver innovative citizen services rather than merely maintaining or building IT systems.

Join LGA Improvement Board Members – Councillor Peter Fleming (Sevenoaks District Council) and Councillor Neil Prior (Pembrokeshire County Council), hosted by Glen Ocsko (UKCloud), between 15:00 – 16:00.
  • The State of Cloud Adoption

    The majority of public sector IT remains in traditional, non-cloud environments. So, to find out why, UKCloud surveyed more than 300 public sector organisations, and asked them about the challenges that are impede adoption of cloud.

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