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UKCloudX Professional Services

Our team of cleared and vetted multi-cloud experts are at hand to help you with a clear path to cloud, no matter where you are on that journey. UKCloudX provide expert, agnostic, multi-cloud advisory through a structured, modular approach. Each stage is supported by a defined, outcome focused workflow that delivers tailored, high value output enabling organisations to adopt cloud with confidence.

Our services are designed to support the specific procurement, assurance, security and connectivity needs of Public Sector organisations. Our portfolio of products and services are available via G-Cloud and other popular public sector frameworks and support cloud-based transformation programmes end-to-end or via discrete phases dependent on your requirements.

UKCloudX provides a range of services at each step, that supports organisations as they progress their journey to the cloud.

  • Methodology

    Our methodology is informed by the 220+ digital transformation projects we have successfully completed within the Public Sector.

  • Approach

    Our agnostic, multi-cloud approach and experience ensure appropriate and efficient solutions for business needs: the right workloads on the right clouds.

  • Our Team

    Our team of experts provide pragmatic leadership and support that caters for the end-to-end cloud journey, spanning vision, strategy, migration and optimisation.

  • Flexibility

    Our approach supports transformation programmes of varying scale & complexity through the use of flexible tools, templates, reference architectures and methods tailored to individual organisation needs.

  • Core Values

    We focus on doing what’s right and remain dedicated to our core values by developing digital services and products that underpin economic growth and support our public sector customers.

  • Sovereignty

    Our people are all based in the UK and are government security cleared and vetted under the national police personnel vetting (NPPV) scheme.

  • Lowered risk

    We ensure pace and certainty of outcome, with measurable business benefits achieved faster and with less risk.

  • Take your next step with us

  • Assess
  • Migrate
  • Optimise
  • Transform
  • Assess

    Designed for organisations without a clear cloud migration path, the cloud assessment service can help you clearly understand the cot of your existing IT investment, evaluate options for migration to IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services, and build business case/procurement material which can help you get there faster. The service can be tailored to deliver just the specific items that your organisation needs.


    Migrate critical business systems and entire datacentres from legacy silos to a new secure, hybrid multi-cloud platform. We will interview key business and technical stakeholders and deploy tools in your infrastructure to ensure we understand the criticality of your applications and how they interact with each other. Workloads can then be migrated in the right order, to the right platform and sized appropriately, ensuring all the benefits of a true hybrid, multi-cloud strategy.


    This service is designed for customers who have already migrated legacy technology to the cloud or for customers who have been using cloud for a while but are yet to realise the full benefits it can provide. UKCloudX consultants will undertake an assessment of your cloud environment focussing on commercial, technical and security characteristics, then develop and execute work packages that deliver operational efficiency and cost savings.


    Cloud Native applications fully utilise features such as auto-scaling, message queues, object storage and containerisation. Using these services often requires a radically different approach to application development and deployment, this services provides the expertise to ensure your project goes smoothly and your team are ready to adopt new ways of working.