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Software to Service

Why build when you can buy? In a recent survey, we found that more than 70% of organisations in the Defence and National Security sector agreed that they lack the skills and resources to build cloud native applications.  At the same time, there are hundreds of specialist UK SMEs that are focused on delivering innovative digital solution in their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings.

UKCloudX is committed to helping incumbent software developers become SaaS providers. And we’re committed to helping users of these on-premises software solutions move towards simply consuming software (as-a-service), rather than having to build or maintain software silos.

Our CTO, Leighton James, discusses a key to digital transformation – moving from software to service.

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  • Implement a 'Cloud First' strategy
  • Buy rather than build
  • Accelerate time to value
  • Break down silos
  • Improve your value for money
  • Implement a 'Cloud First' strategy

    How does cloud turn fixed up-front costs into pay-as-you-go? We know how.

    – Avoid refresh projects by substituting your datacentre with cloud

    – Tap into cloud capacity to avoid expanding your on-premises environment

    – Use cloud as a flexible and cost-effective foundation for your very next project

    These are just some of the ways cloud can help you do more with less. Learn how hundreds of public sector projects benefit from true commercial flexibility with no lock-in.

    Buy rather than build

    Cloud makes it easy to build new applications, but it also makes it easy to buy into ready-made solutions that are often cheaper, faster and better than building your own

    – Hundreds of specialist partners deliver ready-made SaaS solutions

    – Move from maintaining on-premises applications to consuming software-as-a-service

    – Benefit from ongoing innovation inherent in SaaS applications

    Try before you buy and try before you build! Take a look at the many SaaS solutions available for your community; from case management and online collaboration, to specialist solutions for patient records, digital evidence and much more.

    Accelerate time to value

    One of the biggest benefits of cloud is that you can get value in minutes rather than waiting months or years for traditional solutions.

    – SaaS solutions that are immediately available for trial or deployment

    – Solutions that are more mature than those that you might build yourself

    – SaaS solutions are often already used by your community enhancing collaboration

    Our unique multi-cloud services within the Crown Campus attract hundreds of innovative SaaS providers that want to provide assured, cost-effective and scalable solutions into Public Sector.

    Break down silos

    Traditional systems are typically deployed in silos resulting in waste and duplication. There is a risk that SaaS solutions create similar information silos; UKCloudX helps to avoid that:

    – Collaboration and interoperability between SaaS providers is easier on our platform

    – The safety and neutrality of Crown Campus helps you avoid lock-in

    – We’re aligned with the government strategy of Open Data and SaaS solutions provide a compelling alternative to traditional silo-based systems.

    SaaS helps you collaborate both within your organisation and across your community.

    Improve your value for money

    There are many hidden costs associated with traditional on-premises applications; hardware, hosting, connectivity… SaaS simplifies it all.

    – SaaS providers deliver the end-to-end solution; application, hosting and hardware

    – You focus on using the application rather than deploying and maintaining it

    – The competitive SaaS marketplace drives innovation and value-for-money

    SaaS delivers superior value-for-money compared with traditional on-premises solutions. They are more transparent and you get to consume a service rather than merely buying a software license.

    “UKCloud has all the security credentials and capabilities we — and our police customers — need, in order to feel confident about moving services away from a police environment and into the cloud.”
    Mike Isherwood
    Managing Director, APD

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