Data Centre Modernisation

No matter your digital maturity, our multi-cloud platform can help accelerate your digital transformation.

The right platform for every workload

Enterprise IT has never had it so tough. Whilst most of your time is spent putting out fires and trying to keep your underlying infrastructure under control – the business wants to talk AI, Big Data and RPA. But how can you be expected to focus on the future, when you’re too wrapped up in what needs to be done today? Data centre modernisation.

By rehosting legacy applications to the cloud, you’ll alleviate the burden of having to update and maintain your own data centre. Giving you back the time you need to focus on longer-term strategic projects. However, true risk reduction and operational excellence comes in the form of many clouds. And our team of multi-cloud experts are here to help.

No matter what your endgame might be, we’ll lay out the steps that will help get you there.

Rehost legacy applications in the cloud

Most enterprise applications were never designed to operate in the cloud. Their monolithic architecture would cause havoc in most public clouds. But that doesn’t mean the right cloud doesn’t exist.

Transform legacy systems into cloud-hosted services using a mixture of technologies that mirror your existing environment – boosting application availability and data resilience in a flash.

Protect and transform your data

Data underpins everything we do.

Understanding your data enables you to drive value and incubate innovation. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can help to explore datasets and extract business intelligence.

And not only that, but because UKCloudX has achieved Pan Government Accreditation to IL3 (IL4 by aggregation) – and is capable of securely connecting MoD networks such as the RLI – your data will be protected to the highest order.

Reduce the risk of failure

It may only be the beginning, but by rehosting your applications in the cloud – and taking the first steps towards your wider digital transformation – you will drastically reduce the risk of operational failure.

The benefits of an evergreen IT arsenal, proxy cybersecurity teams and the ability to redistribute workloads will all flow down to you own applications that are hosted in the cloud.

Professional Services

Do you need help unpacking your vision and replacing it with clear, incremental steps?

Our professional services team uses a unique methodology that has helped numerous public sector organisations kick-start their journey to the cloud.

How to level-up your applications at speed

If you have MTTR themed nightmares or shudder at the thought of application downtime – read on to find out how the cloud can level up your applications without burning a hole in your pocket.

Are your applications cloud-ready?

Take this short quiz to discover which of your applications could benefit from a cloud-based facelift, which should be replaced, and which should be rebuilt from the ground up.

How much could you save?

Estimates below are based on rehosting an enterprise application on UKCloud for VMware.

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