Our assured digital platform is designed to facilitate collaboration and interoperability between Defence and National Security organisations at multiple classification levels

One minute on… Collaboration and Interoperability

Unlike traditional systems, cloud enables organisations to break down the boundaries between teams, departments and even agencies.  Cloud can be the neutral place to store sensitive datasets.  And UKCloudX’s multi-classification, multi-network platform enables secure collaboration between systems and teams that isn’t possible with standard clouds.

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  • Break down silos
  • Enabling multi-agency solutions
  • Avoid new forms of lock-in
  • Modern workplace solutions
  • Harness insights across applications
  • Break down silos

    Traditional systems are typically deployed in silos resulting in waste and duplication. There is a risk that SaaS solutions create similar information silos; UKCloudX help avoid that.

    – Collaboration and interoperability between SaaS providers is easier on our platform

    – The safety and neutrality of Crown Campus helps you avoid lock-in

    – We’re aligned with government strategy of Open Data and interoperability

    SaaS solutions provide a compelling alternative to traditional silo-based systems. SaaS helps you collaborate both within your organisation and across your community.

    Enabling multi-agency solutions

    There is increasing expectation on individual agencies to share solutions with adjacent agencies delivering a ‘whole-of-government’ solution

    – A multi-cloud platform that is natively connected to every public sector community

    – Proximity to Crown Hosting used by many government agencies

    – Innovative SaaS solutions optimised for multi-agency collaboration

    The silod nature of traditional systems makes it really difficult to create multi-agency solutions. Our platform is designed to enable multi-agency solutions faster and at lower cost. We believe joined up public services will deliver better outcomes for UK citizens and businesses

    Avoid new forms of lock-in

    The proprietary nature of global PaaS and SaaS can lock you in; removing choice and flexibility. UKCloudX provides an alternative:

    – Non-proprietary platform capability helping avoid cloud lock-in

    – Our platform is within the safety and provider neutrality of the Crown Campus

    – CCS approved services available via ‘G-Cloud’ and ‘Technology Services 2’ frameworks

    We’re committed to developing multi-cloud services that deliver both the technical and commercial flexibility you need to avoid getting locked-in. It’s the right thing to do.

    Modern workplace solutions

    The consumerisation of IT means your users have the highest expectations. They want to innovate and collaborate without impediments. Cloud based solutions make that possible.

    – Flexible virtual desktop solutions improving your end user environment

    – Innovative SaaS solutions enabling new insights and collaboration

    – Modern cloud solutions in close proximity to legacy Crown Hosting systems

    Discover how UKCloudX powers new and better ways of enhancing the productivity of your users. UKCloudX and our partners focus on delivering cloud solutions so you can focus on delivering better outcomes for UK citizens and businesses.

    Harness insights across applications

    There is enourmous potential in joining up previously disconnected datasets. UKCloudX provide the safe and trusted environment to encourage new forms of integration.

    – A safe and trusted cloud platform to bring together diverse datasets

    – Scalable and elastic cloud solutions that can handle the most demanding systems

    – Next generation data analytics from the Open-Source, Oracle and Microsoft ecosystems

    We recognise the benefits of AI and analytics must be balanced with the risks of data aggregation – especially on a proprietary global cloud platform. Our Crown Campus based multi-cloud solution helps you remain in control of how your data is used.

    “Our online marketplace, hosted on UKCloud's assured, resilient platform, is delivering the efficiency benefits we'd hoped for. Our contracting process is now an order of magnitude easier for everyone to use.”
    Dr Neil Higson
    Project Manager, Dstl

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