Our assured digital platform is designed to facilitate collaboration and interoperability between Defence and National Security organisations at multiple classification levels

One minute on… Collaboration and Interoperability

Unlike traditional systems, cloud enables organisations to break down the boundaries between teams, departments and even agencies.  Cloud can be the neutral place to store sensitive datasets.  And UKCloudX’s multi-classification, multi-network platform enables secure collaboration between systems and teams that isn’t possible with standard clouds.

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  • Break down silos
  • Enabling multi-agency solutions
  • Avoid new forms of lock-in
  • Modern workplace solutions
  • Harness insights across applications
  • “Our online marketplace, hosted on UKCloud's assured, resilient platform, is delivering the efficiency benefits we'd hoped for. Our contracting process is now an order of magnitude easier for everyone to use.”
    Dr Neil Higson
    Project Manager, Dstl

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