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One minute on… Big Data and Hadoop

Organisations are creating data at an unprecedented rate. New technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, ‘Smart’ devices & cities and Artificial Intelligence generate data with such fierce velocity and volumes that traditional processing is unable to provide information from this data quick enough to provide the fullest business value.

UKCloudX provides a digital platform designed to store and process even the most sensitive data at virtually unlimited scale.  And to make the most of your data, our big data and analytics solutions can help you find new and better insights in your datasets.

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  • Big data with the benefits of cloud
  • Accelerate time to value
  • Break down data silos
  • Improve your value for money
  • Data Protection
  • Sensitive data
  • Big data with the benefits of cloud

    How does cloud turn fixed up-front costs into pay-as-you-go? We know how.

    – Avoid data refresh projects by substituting your data centre with cloud-based resources

    – Tap into cloud capacity to avoid expanding your on-premises environment

    – Use cloud as a flexible and cost-effective foundation for all your data needs

    These are just some of the ways cloud can help you do more with less.

    Accelerate time to value

    One of the biggest benefits of cloud is that you can get value in minutes rather than waiting months or years for traditional solutions.

    – Big data solutions that are immediately available

    – Solutions that are more mature than those that you might build yourself

    – Reduce your need for scarce and expensive Hadoop expertise

    Our big data proposition helps you to focus on your outcomes without the distraction of technology.

    Break down data silos

    Traditional big data services are typically deployed in organisational or departmental silos resulting in data waste, duplication and loss of true insight. UKCloudX helps avoid this as;

    – Collaboration across multiple data sets and streams become easier on our platform

    – The safety and neutrality of Crown Campus helps you avoid lock-in

    – We’re aligned with government strategy of Open Data

    Our big data proposition provides a compelling alternative to traditional silo-based systems, helping you collaborate both within your organisation and across your community.

    Improve your value for money

    There are many hidden costs associated with traditional on-premises big data solutions; hardware, hosting, connectivity – our proposition simplifies it all.

    – Deliver an end-to-end solution; Hadoop, hosting, hardware and support

    – You focus on data insights rather than deploying and maintaining large-scale storage

    – The potential for data openness drives innovation and value-for-money

    Our big data proposition delivers superior value-for-money compared with traditional on-premises solutions. It is more transparent, you simply consume a service rather than building and managing it.

    Data Protection

    You need to keep your data safe from hacktivists and foreign surveillance. UKCloudX isn’t just GDPR compliant, we’re demonstrably compliant.

    – Satisfy your GDPR Data Protection Officer with our demonstrably compliant platform

    – Use our multi-domain platforms so all your eggs aren’t in one basket

    – Benefit from UK sovereignty not just UK datacentres

    Engage with our experts today. With UKCloudX you are only ever one phone call away from our GDPR Data Protection Officer and team of information assurance specialists. We’re not just compliant, we’re demonstrably compliant.

    Sensitive data

    Although most of your systems are classified OFFICIAL, we know that you’ll also have some especially sensitive datasets that deserve higher assurance. Our multi-domain platform underpinning our big data proposition is the answer.

    – Benefit from cloud even for systems classified at Above OFFICIAL

    – Use the safety and neutrality of the Crown Campus for your most critical systems

    – Our high assurance spans our people, premises, processes and technology to address even the most demanding risk management requirements

    UKCloudX is exclusively focused on data security. We’re a government-grade cloud provider that delivers independent evidence of our comprehensive assurance.

    “UKCloud met all our requirements for a secure cloud platform delivered from the UK, with connections to government networks.”
    Chris Lenaghan
    Chief Operating Officer, Nine23

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