A secure multi-classification digital platform with rich developer friendly APIs to reduce the time, cost and risk of your agile development projects

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When it comes to application development, you’ll want to use feature rich development platforms that enable your projects to deliver faster and at lower cost. However, be careful not to trade short term benefits for long term lock-in.

UKCloudX’s approach to assured application development encourages you to keep portability and plurality in mind.  Our heritage includes supporting the Defence-as-a-Platform (DaaP) RLI Beta – as well as digital programmes across other parts of the UK Public Sector.

Learn how multi-cloud can help your application developers whilst also bringing forward your existing applications.

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  • Build population scale systems
  • Support Agile and DevOps
  • Improve developer productivity
  • Avoid new forms of lock-in
  • Modern application development Above OFFICIAL
  • Build population scale systems

    Digital Transformation is opening up public services for direct consumption by citizens and businesses. UKCloudX helps you scale via:

    – Genuine public cloud solutions that handle even population scale systems

    – Multi-Cloud flexibility that beats hyperscale platforms on price/performance

    – Multi-site capability to support the highest levels of resilience and availability

    From serving large government departments to hosting the 100,000 genome project – our platform is proven to handle the most demanding scale. Put us to the test.

    Support Agile and DevOps

    Our multi-cloud platform gives you elastic, dynamic and flexible environments to support your agile projects.

    – Genuine public cloud solutions that support Infrastructure-as-code

    – Non-proprietary container platforms for portability and productivity

    – Leverage your existing skills and tools using our multi-cloud options

    We believe exclusive reliance on the one-size-fits-all solutions advocated by the global cloud providers is unhealthy. Our multi-cloud platform helps you retain control by using the best cloud for each workload.

    Improve developer productivity

    Cloud is more than just virtual infrastructure. Our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) options let your developers focus on developing.

    – Multi-Cloud platforms that integrate natively with CI/CD

    – Non-proprietary platform capability helping avoid cloud lock-in

    – DevOps friendly APIs support all common developer toolkits

    We understand that developers love the global cloud platforms because they’re so convenient. We’re committed to complementing these proprietary clouds by extending Microsoft Azure and open-source solutions into our specialist secure cloud platform.

    Avoid new forms of lock-in

    It is well publicised that it is easy to develop using proprietary features of global clouds which gets you locked-in; removing choice and flexibility. UKCloudX provides an alternative:

    – Non-proprietary platform capability helping avoid cloud lock-in

    – Our platform is within the safety and provider neutrality of the Crown Campus

    – CCS approved services available via ‘G-Cloud’ and ‘Technology Services 2’ frameworks

    We’re committed to developing multi-cloud services that deliver both the technical and commercial flexibility you need to avoid getting locked-in. It’s the right thing to do.

    Modern application development Above OFFICIAL

    We were the first to deliver public cloud for public sector, and are the first to deliver genuine cloud even for systems which require higher assurance:

    – Benefit from cloud even for systems classified at Above OFFICIAL

    – Use the safety and neutrality of the Crown Campus for your most critical systems

    – Our high assurance spans our people, premises, processes and technology to address even the most demanding risk management requirements

    UKCloudX is exclusively focused on the Defence and National Security community. We’re a government-grade cloud provider that delivers independent evidence of our comprehensive assurance.

    “Using cloud hosting meant we could make Crisis Hub accessible from any device connected to the internet.”
    Richard Hurst
    Co-founder and Director, FCO

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