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A multi-classification digital platform enhancing law enforcement through secure information sharing between agencies and with industry partners

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Enabling better collaboration

UKCloudX serves the community of Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Defence agencies in the UK, with a shared mission to keep our nation safe by developing our national capability and enhancing our collective productivity and efficiency.

Various government agencies such as the National Crime Agency (NCA), Office of Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT), Civil Nuclear Police, and others, handle particularly sensitive information or depend on mission critical systems underpinning law enforcement in the UK.

As a Police Assured Secure Facility (PASF), our UK owned-and-operated multi-cloud services deliver unparalleled choice of technology and deployment (public or private), choice of assurance levels (including higher classification) and secure connectivity options and expert support throughout your entire project lifecycle.

We are experts in helping organisations in secure and regulated environments benefit from the cloud. But we also understand the reality of diverse technical requirements, challenges with interoperability with existing systems and your need for access to skilled and experienced experts that can help you extract the real value of new technology.

Government and law enforcement organisations are undergoing significant change through digital transformation. For example, the policing sector is facing significant challenges as a result of a changing landscape which has seen an increase in serious and organised crime, as well as terrorism. This means that police need a more secure and faster approach to managing and dealing with this current and evolving situation.

Key priorities include:

  • Transformation of IT systems
  • Secure resource sharing
  • Establishing collaborative processes with other government agencies
  • Modernising Policing through Digital Transformation in the Cloud

    Read how UKCloudX can help deal with the increasingly challenging landscape of serious and organised crime, and terrorism where information sharing and privacy issues mean the difference between life and death.

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  • How we change the game for the law enforcement agencies

  • Business Issues
  • Technology Issues
  • Financial Issues
  • “Combining UKCloudX’s secure, cost-effective platform with IBM’s specialist skills and services in the defence and national security sector, will provide real value for our clients.”

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