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Addressing changing national security challenges

National security threats are evolving rapidly; but the capabilities needed to deal with them are often distributed across government and the private and third sectors — and may even be provided by international partners.

The ability to use and share data at scale and pace, and across organisational boundaries, is critical to orchestration; but has traditionally been hampered by siloed IT systems and disconnected data repositories.

UKCloudX provides multi cloud services where public and private sector stakeholders can pool and integrate their data in a single location to:

  • Generate new insights through effective information-sharing and collaboration
  • Build collective capabilities to address national security threats
  • Develop and reinforce security, trade and development partnerships
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  • Data Governance in Defence

    The security of our platforms and cloud services is always our number one priority.

  • How we change the game for the national security sector

  • Accelerate innovation
  • Reduce cost and risk
  • Accelerate innovation

    UKCloudX solutions are ready to use, with infrastructure, secure network connections and high-grade encryption already in place. It provides the flexible environment you need to:

    • Rapidly provision and scale new services
    • Develop new capabilities
    • Exploit advanced technologies — such as autonomy, robotics and data analytics — to develop cutting-edge solutions that can respond to technologically driven threats

    Reduce cost and risk

    By choosing UKCloudX, you reduce the cost and risk associated with building and maintaining IT infrastructure. Our solutions are inherently evergreen, so you never have to worry about technology obsolescence or capacity constraints.

    Our cloud is delivered as a service, so you can switch from CAPEX to an OPEX-based charging model. Unlike global proprietary PaaS and SaaS solutions, however, UKCloudX is open, so you’re never locked in.

    We know too that you won’t be ready to abandon all the systems you use today. That’s why we use familiar technologies, enabling you to host your current applications on it and continue to benefit from existing capabilities.

    “Combining UKCloudX’s secure, cost-effective platform with IBM’s specialist skills and services in the defence and national security sector, will provide real value for our clients.”

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