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UKCloudX and the defence sector

UKCloudX is designed to accelerate the outcomes set out in the Defence Information Strategy and Defence Hosting Strategy. Our High Assurance platform is hosted in the same UK facilities already trusted by the MoD and is supported by a number of Prime Contractors, System Integrators and other solution providers that have strong heritage in providing solutions to support the Defence community.

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Information capabilities as a force multiplier

The vision at the heart of the Defence Information Strategy (DIS) is to deliver information capabilities to defence that act as a ‘force multiplier’.

To realise that vision, the entire defence community — from the MOD and armed forces to suppliers and exporters of defence technology and services — needs the ability to access and share information.

Until now, that’s been challenging. IT systems have traditionally been deployed in silos. Data repositories have been disconnected from each other. So organisational boundaries have remained in place, limiting access to information and hampering effective collaboration.

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Five Digital Transformation Insights from DSEI

A few of us had the privilege of exhibiting at DSEI recently – read our insights here.

Data Governance in Defence

The security of our platforms and cloud services is always our number one priority.

How we change the game for the defence sector

  • We support DIS
  • We accelerate innovation
  • We reduce cost and risk
  • We support DIS

    UKCloudX changes the game for the defence community with cloud solutions for information-sharing and collaboration that’s secure.

    By using our services, public and private sector stakeholders can bring data together into a single location, where it can be managed, analysed and exploited to:

    • Deliver increased insights
    • Achieve information superiority
    • Support decision-makers at all levels
    • Drive transformative change and create new value streams

    We accelerate innovation

    UKCloudX solutions are ready to use, with infrastructure, secure network connections and high-grade encryption already in place. It provides the flexible environment you need to:

    • Rapidly provision and scale new services
    • Develop new capabilities and solutions in an agile manner
    • Exploit the benefits of advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning

    We reduce cost and risk

    By choosing UKCloudX, you reduce the cost and risk associated with building and maintaining IT infrastructure. Our solutions are inherently evergreen, so you never have to worry about technology obsolescence or capacity constraints.

    Our cloud is delivered as a service, so you can switch from CAPEX to an OPEX-based charging model. Unlike global proprietary PaaS and SaaS solutions, however, UKCloudX is open, so you’re never locked in.

    We know too that you won’t be ready to abandon all the systems you use today. That’s why we use familiar technologies, enabling you to host your current applications on it and continue to benefit from existing capabilities.

    “Combining UKCloudX’s secure, cost-effective platform with IBM’s specialist skills and services in the defence and national security sector, will provide real value for our clients.”