UKCloudX is a new division of UKCloud that exclusively serves the community of Defence, Intelligence, Security and Law Enforcement agencies in the UK


The UK Defence sector is the largest exporter of defence equipment and services in Europe, and is clearly vital to protecting our sovereign assets and generating economic prosperity. Read more about how UKCloudX enables exciting new ways of collaboration and innovation to help the UK remain a world leader.

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Our citizens and businesses face intensifying and evolving threats especially from nation-states, terrorism and cyber-attacks.

Discover how UKCloudX brings together insights and capabilities to help keep our nation safe.

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Law Enforcement

All parts of government handle particularly sensitive information or depend on mission-critical systems underpinning the delivery of our public services. Read more about how UKCloudX provides a cost-effective and agile platform to support new services (such as those underpinning Brexit) and the modernisation of legacy systems.

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