UKCloud for Red Hat OpenShift

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UKCloud for Red Hat OpenShift

Meet evolving IT requirements

Safely deploy new digital services in the cloud

Our partnership with Red Hat combines our government-grade infrastructure with Red Hat’s award-winning open source container platform, enabling public sector organisations to efficiently modernise legacy workloads and deliver new digital services and cloud-native applications.

As a developer focussed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, UKCloud for Red Hat OpenShift helps to increase the agility and efficiency of your software development lifecycle – giving public sector organisations the tools they need to adopt DevOps best practice. By divorcing development and application delivery from infrastructure, IT teams can start to move their way up the technology stack and start to focus on longer-term business value and strategic projects.

Service Options

UKCloud for Red Hat OpenShift advantages:

  • Developer efficiency through on demand and self-service
  • Native access to government networks
  • Aligned with NCSC Cloud Security Principles
  • Cloud-agnostic enabling highly portable applications
  • UK sovereign hosting with SC and NPPV cleared personnel
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  • Features and Benefits

    UKCloud for Red Hat OpenShift provides development teams the ability to modernise applications, deliver new services, and accelerate development processes, all with the aim of driving innovation.
    Open-source Technology

    For those wanting to eliminate the risk of vendor lock-in, look no further than UKCloud for Red Hat OpenShift. UKCloud for Red Hat OpenShift combines an award-winning open source container platform with Red Hat’s enterprise-grade support, all delivered on top of our government-grade infrastructure so public sector organisations can start to realise the numerous benefits associated with open source.

    Docker and Kubernetes Support

    UKCloud for Red Hat OpenShift leverages the open standards of Linux Containers (including Docker images) and Kubernetes, ensuring your workloads remain fully portable, be it on-premise, your cloud or public clouds. As OpenShift provides a familiar platform for those with an existing investment in containerisation, these organisations will be able to rapidly harness the benefits of OpenShift without having to reskill.

    Enterprise Assurance

    UKCloud for Red Hat OpenShift delivers all the features and open standards of Docker and Kubernetes – backed by Red Hat –  to provide enterprise-grade security and stability.

    DevOps Best Practice

    Adopt market best practice and use containers to shift the dynamic between application development and IT operations. Following a CI/CD mindset, will enable your organisation to deliver better services to UK citizens at speed.

    Serverless Infrastructure

    Allow your development team to build and deploy new applications without the need for a rich understanding of the underlying infrastructure. Abstracting applications from the infrastructure allows development teams to do what they do best: write code.

    Pod Autoscaling

    Better utilise compute and cut back on unnecessary expense with OpenShift’s pod autoscaling feature. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll be able to offer a better service to UK citizens in times of peak demand.