Products and platform features

UKCloudX brings together multiple cloud stacks in multiple deployment models across multiple classification levels so that you can mix-and-match the cloud services that best meet your technical and non-technical requirements.

We are a Microsoft Qualified Multitenant Hoster

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UKCloud for Microsoft Azure

Imagine the agility and innovation of the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform, available from a specialist UK owned and operated multi-cloud environment that is hosted in government-grade data centres.

Explore the possibilities of spanning your cloud solutions across classification levels whilst being able to leverage the same tools and skills.

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UKCloud for VMware

UKCloud for VMware is aimed at organisations that already have skills and tools in VMware’s trusted and proven technology.  We extend VMware from on-premises to the cloud – at multiple classification levels.

UKCloud for VMware provides the assurance and service levels specifically designed to support business critical applications. Our platform can help you achieve the business goals at the centre of your strategy.

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UKCloud for OpenStack

OpenStack has established itself as the open standard cloud platform on which developers are able to build agile and elastic digital solutions that are not locked into any single cloud service provider, unlike most multi-national public cloud services.

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Private Cloud for Compute

Our Private Cloud for Compute product provides a single-tenant deployment of any of our proven multi-tenant public cloud stacks (Azure Stack Hub, VMware Cloud, OpenStack, OpenShift or Oracle).

Your compute needs are hosted either in one of our data centres, to gain the benefits of our Assured, Elevated or Tier 2 cloud platforms, in your Crown Hosting Data Centre (CHDC) or on-premises.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

UKCloud is committed to helping UK Public Sector organisations achieve their business outcomes; maintain business continuity, and ensure affected citizen facing services have no/minimal disruption in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery as a Service is a powerful, recovery tool that can help.

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Cross Domain Security Zone

The UKCloud Cross Domain Security Zone (CDSZ) enables the Assured OFFICIAL, Elevated OFFICIAL and Tier 2 cloud platforms to securely communicate with each other using Cross Domain/High Threat Gateway security patterns from the National Cyber Security Centre, allowing you to achieve the goals of Defence Digital and the Government Digital Strategy.

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Secure Remote Access

The UKCloud Secure Remote Access service enables customers to securely connect to the UKCloud Elevated OFFICIAL (formerly IL3) or Tier 2 cloud platform, using NCSC-approved internet Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies and the ‘Walled Garden’ architectural pattern using bastion hosts.

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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a secure and highly adaptable storage service designed to address a wide variety of use cases. It is natively optimised for cloud storage in terms of scale, resilience and accessibility.

Cloud storage deliver scalable performance in a cost-effective way.  Our cloud storage platform is compatible with AWS S3 but is available at a lower price point and across multiple classification levels.

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Private cloud for storage

This service offers a dedicated storage, which provides increased performance consistency and data security over traditional multi-tenant public cloud storage options.

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Maximise the productivity of your cloud solution with our flexible connectivity options that will help to fully enable your workloads at multiple classification levels.

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UKCloud for Managed OpenShift

UK Public sector organisations have IT requirements that are evolving. Techniques such as containerisation, continuous integration and infrastructure-as-code have significantly increased the pace and agility of modern development teams.

OpenShift is an open-sources based Kubernetes platform with enterprise grade support from Red Hat.

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CloudSOC is a cloud-hosted cyber security service that can see all your IT systems, all the time, ensuring you can identify suspicious activity and commit the appropriate response before an event becomes an incident.

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