A UKCloudX Partner

HiveLOGIC is a new style, lean systems integrator focused on Cyber Security and Digital Transformation. They are lean as they have a minimum management overhead and focus on tight relationships with their partners, such as UKCloudX, for quality delivery. HiveLOGIC drives secure digital transformation by embracing data science based analytics to use in operational (and continually improved) processes.

This allows them to react to anomalies quickly to build business resilience.

HiveLOGIC’s core purpose is to help clients address, manage and reduce risks: including not least Cyber Security. Protecting reputations, brands and shareholders.

HiveLOGIC mitigates risk through a systemic approach that embraces digital transformation to drive business improvement. Their approach is radically different to existing system integrators: they focus on working with clients to enhance their ability to manage risk, and also focus on designing security in at the outset rather than building it on top of an ICT solution – security has wider scope than IT.

Consequently they aim to reduce costs through synergy across previously disparate systems, and through continually improving the effectiveness of operations. Reducing costs in a world where there is no new money to address the ever-increasing Cyber security threat.