Our values

We focus on delivering a safe and trusted digital platform so that our military, security and intelligence offices are better equipped to keep our nation safe.

Our Mission

UKCloud is a British Cloud Services Provider (CSP) established in 2011. Based exclusively in the UK, UKCloud provides assured and connected multi-cloud services specifically for the benefit of UK public services. UKCloud supports hundreds of public sector services and is a market leader for Cloud Hosting on the Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud framework.

UKCloudX is a new division of UKCloud that exclusively serves the community of Defence, Intelligence, Security and Law Enforcement agencies in the UK with a shared mission to keep our nation safe by developing our national capability and enhancing our collective productivity and efficiency.

For the UK, by the UK

We provide UK owned-and-operated multi-cloud services that deliver unparalleled choice of technology and deployment, choice of assurance levels (including higher classification) and secure connectivity options and expert support so our military, security and intelligence officers are equipped to mitigate threats in an increasingly challenging digital landscape.

We are experts in helping organisations in secure and regulated environments benefit from the cloud. But we also understand the reality of diverse technical requirements, challenges with interoperability with existing systems and your need for access to skilled and experienced experts that can help you extract the real value of new technology.

Who are UKCloudX?

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  • What?

    We believe we can keep our nation safe by helping Defence and National Security organisations achieve more effective collaboration and faster innovation – both at a greatly reduced cost.


    We own and operate the only genuine cloud platform suitable for the most sensitive and critical systems. Our safe and trusted UK sovereign platform delivers better ways of working, so our military, security and intelligence officers are equipped to mitigate threats in an increasingly challenging digital landscape.


    Our multi-cloud platform encourages innovation, and by enabling more straightforward collaboration, solves some of the UK’s most complex and sensitive challenges. In doing so, the UKCloudX cloud platform significantly reduces risk and cost, compared to traditional IT systems at this higher classification level.

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    Transforming the Defence, Intelligence, Security and Law Enforcement communities

    • Accelerating innovation through experimentation; an elastic and ready-to-use platform makes it easier to experiment and run short term proof-of-concept initiatives.
    • Deriving better insights through effective collaboration; break down traditional silos that impede collaboration. UKCloudX operate a neutral, secure and scalable platform that makes multi-agency collaboration more achievable.
    • Avoiding the constraints of traditional commercial models. Harness genuine, pay only for what you use, commercial flexibility; no up-front costs, no more ‘refresh’ costs, no long-term commitments and no lock-in.

    Uncompromising security and assurance

    UKCloudX provides cloud solutions on the UK Government’s Crown Campus providing excellent physical security and geo-diversity within the UK. As a provider neutral data centre campus, Crown Campus is the ideal environment to bring together data and applications to enhance collaboration, accelerate innovation and eliminate costly siloes. Crown Campus brings together UKCloudX with Crown Hosting, the government’s own datacentre facility co-owned with ARK.

    UKCloudX is strengthened by a community of best-in-class cyber security partners and dozens of solution provider partners, giving customers unprecedented choice as to how to achieve their outcomes without compromising on risk or assurance.

    Discover the many features of our high assurance cloud services.

    “We welcome UKCloudX’s investment in delivering the UK’s first higher classification cloud platform from within our data centre facilities. Our dedicated campus approach delivers security without compromise”
    Huw Owen
    CEO, Ark Data Centres

    Our Awards

    We’ve worked hard to secure independent recognition of our innovation, quality and service.