The UK Sovereign Cloud Our National Security Depends On

All aspects of our defence cloud offering – from security and service management to sustainability – are underpinned by a comprehensive compliance framework that governs our people, processes, premises and technology.

Carbon Neutral Cloud Services

Download our social value report to find out how we deliver £1.43 of social value for every £1 spent with UKCloud. Including further information on our recent investment in CoForest, a new carbon offsetting forest near Bath.

Doing our bit to help keep the nation safe

From paying our taxes to helping the defence industry reduce their IT expenditure – everything we do can be traced back to our underlying mission to do the right thing.

Champions of innovation in the defence industry

Why build when you can buy? From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) our partner ecosystem has you covered.

The Trusted Cloud Services Provider for Defence

UKCloud’s Tier 2 platform is the UK’s first High Assurance cloud platform. Capable of hosting Above OFFICIAL workloads, it is only now that defence organisations can seriously consider the cloud as a viable alternative to traditional IT. From data aggregation to improved application availability – UKCloudX, a division of UKCloud, is dedicated to helping the defence industry realise the true potential of cloud-based technologies.

High Assurance and Secure Connectivity

Built on the Crown Hosting Data Centre (CDHC) facility, our Tier 2 cloud platform can connect to Restricted LAN Interconnect (RLI) and Secure LAN Interconnect (SLI) networks so you can move your most secure and sensitive systems to the cloud.

Our multi-cloud platform has a role to play at every stage of your digital transformation. Whether you’re looking to rehost mission-critical applications on UKCloud for VMware or build new, digital services that reap the benefits of containerisation – our defence cloud proposition can help you mature your digital operations.

A team of military officers looking at an army operation on defence technology

Uncompromising Security and Integrity

As the only UK sovereign Strategic Cloud Provider with government-approved secure facilities and security cleared staff, UKCloudX brings the power of cloud services into the most secure and sensitive environments – and makes it easy to connect and share information between security domains. Your mission-critical systems require the highest levels of integrity and availability – UKCloudX was engineered to do just that.

Tailored Sovereign Cloud Solutions

We’ve partnered with a catalogue of tried and trusted sovereign cloud services which combined, can be tailored to deliver end-to-end mission-critical systems. Working with its community of specialist providers, UKCloudX delivers unprecedented access to data, systems interoperability and operational agility to sustain information superiority by enabling you to make better and faster decisions.​

Domain and Digital Expertise

UKCloudX’s security-cleared specialists bring together domain insights with digital expertise to support every stage of your programme; from ideation to operations.  UKCloudX will help you re-imagine solutions that are affordable and actionable, whilst complying with the rules and regulations that govern your organisation. UKCloudX has the people, partners and platforms to transform the mission from the industrial age to the information age.​

Expert people, specialist partners and an innovative platform

The brave and committed operatives in our Defence and National Security community are often constrained by traditional, inefficient and disjointed IT systems which makes it difficult to work effectively across classification levels and trust boundaries. There is massive potential in harnessing digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and sensor networks (IoT) to create a ‘force multiplier’.

Gerry Cantwell, CTO, UKCloudX

Speak to our security-vetted staff

We’ve employed a team of SC/DV cleared staff, so we can help ensure that your digital transformation gets off on the right foot. Talk to our professional services team to find out how we’re helping defence organisations mature their digital operations with multi-cloud

Defence Cloud

Our Defence Cloud offering comes with native-access to Restricted LAN Interconnect (RLI) and is capable of hosting above OFFICIAL workloads.

Military-Grade Assurance

Your data. Protected.

All aspects of the UKCloudX platform — from security and service management to sustainability — are underpinned by a comprehensive compliance framework that governs our people, processes, premises and technology.

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