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The sovereign cloud our national security depends on

  • Uncompromising security and integrity
  • Tailored sovereign cloud solutions
  • Domain and digital expertise
  • “Combining UKCloudX’s secure, cost-effective platform with IBM’s specialist skills and services in the defence and national security sector, will provide real value for our clients.”

    The brave and committed operatives in our Defence and National Security community are often constrained by traditional, inefficient and disjointed IT systems which makes it difficult to work effectively across classification levels and trust boundaries.  There is massive potential in harnessing digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and sensor networks (IoT) to create a ‘force multiplier’.

    UKCloudX brings together expert people, specialist partners and an innovative platform to make it much easier for our agencies to exploit their collective capabilities and keep our nation safe from the bad guys

    Gerry Cantwell, CTO for UKCloudX

    A modern alternative to traditional IT

    UKCloudX is devoted to keeping our nation safe by enabling new insights through the adoption of digital technologies. UKCloudX provides uncompromising security and integrity for the UK’s mission critical and sensitive systems. It provides a catalogue of sovereign cloud services which are tailored to deliver end-to-end solutions and drive mission outcomes.

    UKCloudX’s security cleared people and specialist partners provide the combined domain and digital expertise that powers secure collaboration and innovation to sustain the UK’s information superiority over our adversaries.

  • Defence

    The UK Defence sector is the largest exporter of defence equipment and services in Europe, and is clearly vital to protecting our sovereign assets and generating economic prosperity.

    Read more about how UKCloudX enables exciting new ways of collaboration and innovation to help the UK remain a world leader.

    UKCloudX for Defence
  • Intelligence

    Our citizens and businesses face intensifying and evolving threats especially from nation states, terrorism and cyber attacks.

    Discover how UKCloudX brings together insights and capabilities to help keep our nation safe.

    UKCloudX for Intelligence
  • Law Enforcement

    All parts of government handle particularly sensitive information or depend on mission critical systems underpinning the delivery of our public services.

    Read more about how UKCloudX provides a cost effective and agile platform to support new services (such as those underpinning Brexit) and the modernisation of legacy systems.

    UKCloudX for Law Enforcement
  • Build or buy; you're always in control

    We have a vibrant community of solution providers that are focused on helping you achieve your outcomes.

    It’s not build or buy, it’s both. Neither option gives you everything you need; so our solutions are designed to keep you in control. UKCloudX supports dozens of SaaS solutions and Solution Providers that enable you to buy an outcome. And it supports many System Integrators and Managed Service Providers that help you build something more bespoke.