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The challenges and opportunities for data centre modernisation in public sector

This webinar will explore the opinion of public sector organisations facing the necessity to modernise their data centres as reported in the 2018 Ingenium Survey. Over the course of the webinar our CTO Leighton James will take a deep dive into the biggest concerns of public sector organisations surrounding Data Centre Modernisation, the implications on how cloud changes IT operations and the relative security of cloud services.

Joining Leighton will be special guest Jan Mietle, Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft
Jan joined Microsoft in 2014 where he works with the top service providers in the UK, using technology enablement to help shape their business models and drive cloud-based services to their customers. He has 21 years IT industry experience with an extensive background in designing and delivering value-based services.


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On-demand webinars

The evolution of modern digital workloads

Are you facing challenges with your traditional application deployment? Higher consumer expectations have led to a strong need for organisations to offer constant updates & high availability whilst reducing costs to remain competitive.

Join Product Manager Stephen Dixon in this new addition to our Data Centre Modernisation Series as he guides you through the evolution of modern digital workloads so you can gain a better understanding of what your organisation needs to do to meet the high expectations of consumers.

You’ll learn more about
-The problems with traditional scale up architecture
-The pros & cons of scale out architecture
-How cloud workloads have evolved & more about the Utopia that is the “Twelve Factor App”

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Ask the Multi-Cloud Expert: Why Cloud needs a new data centre strategy

Join our latest webinar with Tim Lawrence & Andy Skipper as our experts cover topics such as

– What the major strategic priorities are for UK Organisations in 2018
– What the first steps are towards Cloud Adoption
– How UKCloud can help

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The Future of Data Centres and Cloud in a Virtualized World

Join this live panel discussion with experts at VMworld Europe to learn what the future holds for data centers and hybrid cloud management.

Tune into this interactive Q&A session with world-renowned Data Center, Cloud, Virtualization, Storage experts as they discuss the following:

– How to develop an integrated IT strategy for a modernized data center
– Trends in virtualized infrastructure, applications, hyper-converged and more
– How technologies like HCI, software-defined and automation are shifting the data center landscape, and what IT leaders can do to prepare
– How to navigate through the cloud-native journey with containers, microservices, Kubernetes, and PaaS

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Cyber Security & Data Centre Modernisation: Prevent, Identity, Resolve

Join our webinar hosted by Director of Technology David Woolger & Principal Cloud Support Engineer Luke Jeffries as we guide you through

– An overview of cyber security
– What to consider when modernising your data centre
– How UKCloud can help

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Ask the expert: Cloud Adoption & Procurement in UK Public Sector

After presenting your business case it’s time to think about procurement – but how do you choose between the government’s G-Cloud framework or TS2?

This session will be presented by our Commercial Director Nicky Stewart who will be answering the most frequently asked questions surrounding procurement

What you’ll learn
– The main differences between TS2 & G-Cloud
– The Pros & Cons of using TS2 vs G-Cloud
– Top Tips for making a succesful bid through either framework

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Data Centre Modernisation: Unlock greater capabilities, whilst reducing costs and improving security

80% of spend in IT is used just “keeping the lights on”. In our upcoming webinar we’ll show you how to reduce the total cost of operations, enabling you to reallocate resources, directly driving growth and enabling real innovation and transformation.

Our presenter for the session will be UKCloud’s Head of Products Andy Webb, Who leads a team of product managers, product marketers and technical authors to define, develop and deliver UKCloud’s latest products and services that delight our customers.

From this session you’ll leave with an comprehensive understanding of how you can reclaim wasted time & money you can reinvest in frontline services

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Overcoming the Barriers to Data Centre Modernisation

Traditional data centres are inefficient and inflexible, and transitioning your existing services to the cloud will reduce costs AND improve agility for your organisation. But how do you build the case for modernisation and overcome the barriers to adoption?

This session will be presented by our CTO Leighton .Leighton spearheads the strategic direction and proposition development at UKCloud to ensure they remain the compelling cloud platform exclusively for UK Public Sector.
Leighton has been crucial to UKCloud’s launch of its multi-cloud strategy, which aims to meet the diverse needs of public sector organisations to deliver better services through technology.

What you’ll learn
– How & Why Cloud is becoming the new normal globally
– The benefits of cloud adoption
– Where the challenges lie in moving away from Legacy IT

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Transition your existing applications to the cloud with UKCloud VMware-based cloud computing

This session explains how Enterprise Compute Cloud fits into our new multi-cloud proposition. For many customers, it is the obvious first choice for securely transitioning existing applications to the cloud, and we outline why this may be the case including use cases.

We also identify the next steps in transforming applications for the cloud and support that UKCloud can offer you utilising functions, networking, supporting services and solution architecture.

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How containers can increase application delivery, innovation and agility whilst reducing cost

Join Steve and Junaid as they explain the benefits of application containers hosted on UKCloud’s OpenShift powered Cloud Native Application Platform (CNAP).

This session covers what containers are, how they accelerate and drive innovation, reduce the cost of application delivery and dispel any myths around containerisation security.

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GDPR: Am I bothered?

GDPR is widely regarded as being one of the most significant regulations to come out of Brussels for years and it will affect all of us –   as individuals, as digital vendors and as digital leaders. Hear from our CEO, Simon Hansford, on the arrival of GDPR in May 2018 and the impact it will have on your organisation.

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Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Realise the potential of our Disaster Recovery and business continuity service powered by Zerto which ensures your workloads are unaffected by service issues such as failed software updates, malicious attacks or local hardware failures. This webinar was delivered by Steve Hall, Product Marketing Manager, and Bart Challis, Cloud Architect.

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