Virtual Summit: Advancing Digital Maturity with Cloud

It is increasingly clear how digital technology such as telemedicine and data analytics has created an opportunity to improve patient outcomes and drive significant operational efficiencies. Join us from 10am on the 3rd November to hear how UKCloud Health and our ecosystem of specialist partners can advance your digital maturity and provide solutions to future-proof your organisation.

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Cloud Transformation Strategy – A CIO Perspective

How can you get your transformation off to a confident start and address the common risks associated with complex healthcare solutions?

Join David Price as he discusses how to overcome key blockers to the cloud and how the right capability and capacity can improve your digital maturity and drive significant operational efficiencies.

Join David Price (UKCloud Health) between 10:00 – 11:00.

How the UK Healthcare sector changed forever

IMMJ Systems are the UK Market leading provider of Electronic Document Management solutions (EDMS) specifically to the Healthcare sector. Their next generation and market leading Clinical EDMS MediViewer is now widely used at more than 15 major Acute Hospitals in the UK, which is no mean feat for a company that only started in 2015. IMMJ Systems has developed a rapid deployment approach during the global pandemic to support implementing their technology to support new virtual ways of delivering patient care.

Join this session to hear about one specific project that emerged in March of this year, under the cloud of an emerging global pandemic and how they and UKCloud Health worked together to set up, implement their technology to support virtual clinics in record time.

Join Jamie Hall from IMMJ Systems between 11:00 – 12:00.

Moving from squashed servers in co-located data centers to the cloud

Mayden’s iaptus predates Instagram “SaaS” and even “Cloud” as a widely used term. 13 years ago selling a patient record system to NHS trusts that they didn’t keep on servers in their basements felt obvious but was probably foolhardy.  This is the story of Maydens’ journey from squashed servers in Co-located data centers to the cloud.

What could possibly go wrong?…

Join Chris Eldridge from Mayden between 12:00 – 13:00.

Interoperability – the prerequisite to a digital healthcare cloud-based ecosystem.

The transition to a cloud-first approach for digital healthcare solutions has been part of the roadmap for most leading healthcare organisations’ digital strategy. As the volume of digital healthcare enterprises in the market continues to expand, alongside the capability of each product or service to provide value add to healthcare provision and patient experience or outcomes, it is vital that we move to a cloud-based ecosystem of interoperable solutions that enable a streamlined user experience greater than can be achieved by siloed products. We present our experience of the interoperability challenges faced in healthcare, utilising a case study of the accomplishments possible through integrated solutions.

Join Michael Shenouda from Open Medical between 13:00 – 14:00.

Digital transformation of health and social care with integrated information

During the pandemic, it’s become more apparent than ever of the need for healthcare organisations, local councils, third sector and voluntary groups to be able to work together to deliver the best care. But delivering new care models with integrated information is really difficult when information doesn’t easily and securely flow across different systems. In this presentation, Paul Targett, Managing Director RIVIAM Digital Care, share’s his insights from recent customer projects where RIVIAM’s interoperable cloud services have been used to transform care delivery, improving lives.

Join Paul Targett from RIVIAM between 14:00 – 15:00.

  • The State of Cloud Adoption

    The majority of public sector IT remains in traditional, non-cloud environments. So, to find out why, UKCloud surveyed more than 300 public sector organisations, and asked them about the challenges that are impede adoption of cloud.

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