UKCloud Limited (“UKC”) and Virtual Infrastructure Group Limited (“VIG”) (together “the Companies”) – in Compulsory Liquidation

On 25 October 2022, the Companies were placed into Liquidation with the Official Receiver appointed as Liquidator and J Robinson and A M Hudson simultaneously appointed as Special Managers to manage the liquidation process on behalf of the Official Receiver.

Further information regarding the Liquidations can be found here:

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Professional Services

We help you to envisage, design, and execute the right multi-cloud strategy to make your transformation happen.

Accelerate your digital transformation with multi-cloud

Our team of multi-cloud experts are at hand to help you with a clear path to the cloud, no matter where you are on that journey. UKCloud Health provides expert, agnostic, multi-cloud advisory through a structured, modular approach. Each stage is supported by a defined, outcome-focused workflow that delivers tailored, high-value output enabling organisations to adopt the cloud with confidence.

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Realise the potential of patient data

93% of health organisations believe they aren’t utilising their data to its full potential.

Work with our professional services team to build a comprehensive data strategy that will help you extract increasing value from your data. From discussions on appropriate classification levels and retention policies – to data architecture and technologies choices. Data sits at the heart of a sustainable digital transformation. Unlock data-driven insights and deliver better, more cost-effective solutions to UK citizens.

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Our methodology is informed by the 220+ digital transformation projects we have successfully completed within Public Sector.


Our agnostic, multi-cloud approach and experience ensure appropriate and efficient solutions for business needs: the right workloads on the right clouds.

Our Team

Our team of experts provide pragmatic leadership and support that caters for the end-to-end cloud journey, spanning vision, strategy, migration and optimisation.


Our approach supports transformation programmes of varying scale & complexity through the use of flexible tools, templates, reference architectures and methods tailored to individual organisation needs.

Core Values

We focus on doing what’s right and remain dedicated to our core values by developing digital services and products that underpin economic growth and support our public sector customers.


Our people are all based in the UK and are government security cleared and vetted under the national police personnel vetting (NPPV) scheme.

Lowered risk

We ensure pace and certainty of outcome, with measurable business benefits achieved faster and with less risk.

Take your next steps with us

From novice to expert service options, we can help take your digital transformation to the next level.

Cloud Strategy – Phase One

Designed for health organisations without a clear cloud migration path, the cloud assessment service can help you clearly understand the cost of your existing IT investment, evaluate options for migration to IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services, and build business case/procurement material that can help you get there faster.

The service can be tailored to deliver just the specific items that your organisation needs.

Cloud Strategy – Phase Two

Migrate critical business systems and entire data centres from legacy silos to a new secure, hybrid multi-cloud platform.

We will interview key business and technical stakeholders and deploy tools in your infrastructure to ensure we understand the criticality of your applications and how they interact with each other. Workloads can then be migrated in the right order, to the right platform and sized appropriately, ensuring all the benefits of a true hybrid, multi-cloud strategy.

Cloud Strategy – Phase Three

This service is designed for customers who have already migrated legacy technology to the cloud or for customers who have been using the cloud for a while but are yet to realise the full benefits it can provide.

UKCloud consultants will undertake an assessment of your cloud environment focussing on commercial, technical and security characteristics, then develop and execute work packages that deliver operational efficiency and cost savings.

Cloud Strategy – Phase Four

Cloud-native applications fully utilise features such as auto-scaling, message queues, object storage and containerisation.

Using these services often requires a radically different approach to application development and deployment. This service provides the expertise to ensure your project goes smoothly and your team are ready to adopt new ways of working.

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Data Assessment – Phase One

The first phase of our data assessment service is to identify a number of data classes, the location and inferred ownership of unstructured files within a sample of the organisation’s estate. It is possible to classify files to a highly granular degree, however, at this stage typical data classes may include:

  • Unusable or inaccessible formats e.g. tape and paper records
  • Old or aged data e.g. everything older than X number of years
  • Data belonging to a specific group e.g. HR, research teams or compliance

Once identified, you can then manage data classes in accordance with the relevant policy, including parameters such as how long a file should be retained and what level of classification it is required to be stored at.

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Data Assessment – Phase Two

Organisation’s should document retention rules for all types of data to remain compliant with regulations such as GDPR and their own sector legislation. This assessment stage defines up to three candidate policies that can be applied to the sample files identified during the previous phase.

Policies may include:

  • Level of importance
  • Levels of security tier
  • Access controls

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Data Assessment – Phase Three

Whilst phases 1 and 2 of the data assessment will allude to the data volumes that are apparent within a business, this information will be used to inform storage architecture decisions such as:

  • Where volumes of data may reside e.g. tiering and archiving
  • Performance and access requirements
  • Security and sovereignty considerations

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Data Assessment – Phase Four

During this phase, the data assessment team considers the current data landscape alongside future requirements for data in the organisation and proposes a high-level target architecture. This proposal will cover matters such as:

  • Technology choices: the cloud, on-premises and hybrid options
  • Reference architectures: best practice for high availability, resilience and data protection
  • Cost implications: storage, compute and ingress/egress charges

Touchscreen business plan - Gantt chart

Data Assessment – Phase Five

The architecture and technology choices will inform the business case and the activity timelines for delivering a transformation plan. Include within this phase of the assessment are:

  • Costed TCO for the future state and ROI calculations
  • A high-level transformation plan, including costs and key milestones/dates

Data analytics graph, including line and column tables

Data Assessment – Phase Six

The final stage of the assessment considers how files may be governed moving forward. Key outputs from this phase include:

  • Proposed file governance processes
  • Periodic reviews to discuss requirements, classes, policies and architectural choices.

Keep your data stored in the UK

Your data is a national asset and needs to be treated as such.

Our military-grade data centres ensure your data never leaves the UK. Keeping you ahead of the game when it comes to strict data regulations such a GDPR and Schrems II.

Connect to key government networks

With native access to key government networks, you can move workloads to the cloud which were once restricted to hardwired, local access. Improve data interoperability and application availability in just a few clicks.


From Elevated OFFICIAL to Above OFFICIAL, whatever your security requirements, we’ve put the necessary measures in place so you can move your most secure and sensitive systems to the cloud.


We take security seriously. And yes, whilst our Tier-2 technical capability is one of a kind, it’s the people and processes we’ve put in place that enables us to offer a secure cloud service with multiple security domains. Pan Government Accreditation to IL3 (IL4 by aggregation), UKCloud is the first High Assurance cloud for above OFFICIAL workloads.

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