Modernising your IT

UKCloud Health helps you to ‘get the basics right’ using a safe and efficient foundation which is resilient against physical and cyber risks.

Why UKCloud Health for IT modernisation?

Digital readiness first requires a modern and resilient IT environment (‘getting the basics right’). We acknowledge the different levels of digital maturity, capacity and capability across organisations in the Health and Care sector. Together with our specialist partners, you can depend on us to create and enhance your ability to modernise and galvanise your IT environment.

UKCloud Health provides a safe and efficient foundation which is resilient against physical and cyber risks.  Our award-winning multi-cloud platform spans Crown Campus (government-grade UK datacentres), on-premises and hyperscale environments for maximum flexibility. It is natively connected to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) and is aligned with the Data Security & Protection (DSP) toolkit.

UKCloud Health uses a combination of familiar and proven technologies such as VMware, and so enables you to leverage your existing skills and tools.

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Digital maturity with UKCloud Health

Our people, partners, and platforms reduce the time, cost, and risk of improving your digital maturity.
  • Secure Hosting
  • Flexible Infrastructure
  • Resilient IT & DR
  • Cyber & Management
  • Secure Hosting

    UKCloud Health is based in government-grade UK data centres as used by Crown Hosting. Our facilities are secure enough for the most sensitive and critical healthcare systems. As such, healthcare organisations can consider migrating from on-premises computer rooms to purpose-built data centre facilities – reducing cost and risk whilst improving efficiency and achieving carbon neutrality.

    And for those organisations that already have class-leading data centre facilities, UKCloud Health can deploy and operate our cloud services as a dedicated private cloud.

    Flexible Infrastructure

    Our multi-cloud platform enables organisations to mix and match different cloud technologies to meet the specific requirements that they will have.

    UKCloud Health replaces inefficient on-premises infrastructure with your choice of public cloud and private cloud services. This provides maximum flexibility aligned to your capex and opex budgets.

    And as you consume infrastructure-as-a-service, you no longer need to worry about technology obsolescence and limited capacity.

    Resilient IT & DR

    Many healthcare organisations depend on a single IT environment. This represents a significant risk – either due to physical issues or cyber attacks such as Wannacry.

    UKCloud Health provides a secure and cost-effective way to support your business continuity plan (BCP) through using cloud as part of your disaster recovery (DR) strategy.

    And any systems deployed in the cloud immediately benefits from enhanced levels of resilience – from DDoS protection through to proactive ever-greening.

    Cyber & Management

    New and shiny IT systems soon become a liability if they are not monitored and managed effectively.

    UKCloud Health offers a flexible range of services from basic monitoring, through artificial intelligence enabled managed services (AIOps) to proactive cyber security monitoring and protection (CloudSOC).

    “If you work in the NHS, in any part of the service, far too often old, out-of-date 20th century technology gets in the way of your ability to do your job.”
    Matt Hancock
    Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
  • Transformation Accelerator

    Rapid, cost effective, and comprehensive baseline assessment enables you to confidently plan your transformation.

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