Digital health innovation

We believe in the power of digitally-enabled health and care services to enhance patient outcomes.

Why UKCloud Health for digital innovation?

We believe an appropriately governed digital HealthTech ecosystem is the best way to achieve a digital-first future. Our secure and trusted multi-cloud platform provides the ideal environment for innovators to develop new capabilities based on technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and internet of things.

Cloud is an enabler to the adoption of digital technologies that are becoming the norm across many industries. In Health and Care, we see the opportunity being exceptional.

UKCloud Health facilitates standards, regulations and interoperability, so that you can focus on genuinely transforming patient experience and improving their outcomes. This paves the way for digital maturity to evolve to ethically use technology such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics (RPA).

Working together; our people, partners and platform are able to make your digital transformation happen – cheaper, faster and safer.

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Digital maturity with UKCloud Health

Our people, partners, and platforms reduce the time, cost, and risk of improving your digital maturity.
  • Big data & AI
  • Sensor networks
  • Polutation health
  • Big data & AI

    UKCloud Health believes in the power of enriched datasets to enable machine learning and artificial intelligence to derive new and better insights that will have a transformative impact on patient outcomes.

    But with power, comes responsibility – the UKCloud Health platform ensures that you maintain ownership of valuable and sensitive datasets so that these insights can be used ethically.

    Our extensive engagements in Big Data Analytics, brings together multiple structured and unstructured data sources into user friendly tools which enhance visualisation, anomaly detection and clinical decisions.

    Sensor networks

    The world is becoming increasingly connected, and technologies such as 5G and WiFi-6 will drive a new wave of hyperconnectivity.  This will lead to a proliferation of sensors – from wearables providing valuable diagnostic data for patients, to environmental sensors driving greater insights as to contributing factors.

    UKCloud Health is the secure and connected platform to aggregate these increasingly diverse data feeds.

    Polutation health

    Digital health will ultimately enable more effective and timely interventions with citizens before they become patients.

    The combination of sensor networks, artificial intelligence, social networks and mobile devices will drive ‘augmented intelligence’ to help citizens make lifestyle and dietary changes to improve their physical and mental health.

    “Every CEO needs to be comfortable and competent in leading digital transformation, every board needs to know what questions to ask, how to hold their CEO to account, every medical director and chief nurse needs to know how technology is going to transform what their teams do and lead that adoption.”
    Matt Hancock
    Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
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    Rapid, cost effective, and comprehensive baseline assessment enables you to confidently plan your transformation.

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