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Deliver safe, secure and compliant solutions to enable organisations to operate in dispersed working environments.

How sustainable is your remote access solution?

Making remote working a strategic goal

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The market evolution

Organisations today are undergoing significant change, from the way they operate to the way they deliver their services to end users and customers. Digital Workplace technology can fundamentally change the way we live and work.

Organisations need flexibility. In these uncertain times, organisations need to be able to adapt strategies to consider the current situation. Remote working facilities provide business continuity and support citizen expectations for always-on services.

Employee expectations have evolved. There is an increasing requirement for flexible working. To retain and recruit new talent, organisations need to securely provide remote access to applications on a variety of devices.

A focus on cost and efficiencies. Digital Workplace enables organisations to collaborate and maintain services virtually. This reduces the need for large office spaces and can reduce operating expenses in the form of physical buildings and travel expenses, whilst delivering reductions in lost time and carbon emissions.

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Our leading Digital Workplace partner ecosystem

We’re partnered with market leaders in enabling and delivering Digital Workplace strategies for organisations.

VMware and UKCloud’s deep-rooted partnership enables organisations through trusted enterprise technology that delivers a consistent desktop and application experience.

Roc Technologies

Roc Technologies and UKCloud work together to deliver and deploy technology-led managed end-to-end workplace solutions that are tailored for our customer base.


L3Harris and UKCloud make it easy for organisations to connect to their endpoint devices securely across multiple service tiers.

  • Flexibility in service and delivery

    Provide the technology required by employees to work productively from any location day or night

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  • Support the delivery of healthcare

    Maintain critical services supporting clinical staff with consistent and continued access to applications over secure networks

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  • Collaborate securely

    Work together and share files and data across multiple platform security tiers, providing the right access to applications for your organisations

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  • Digital Workplace from UKCloud provides...

  • Remote Desktop
  • Secure Connectivity
  • Network Access
  • Collaboration
  • “No matter whether we consider personal or working aspects of life, it’s apparent that digital technologies provide that bridge between the digital and physical world, and that technology is the enabler that can drive valuable outcomes.”
    James Maynard
    Solutions Director, UKCloud


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