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One minute on… Collaboration and Interoperability

Unlike traditional systems, cloud enables organisations to break down the boundaries between teams and departments and enables cross-collaboration and data-sharing across NHS providers, universities, charities and local authorities.  Cloud can be the neutral place to store sensitive datasets, and UKCloud Health’s multi-classification, multi-network platform enables secure collaboration between systems and teams that isn’t possible with standard clouds. 

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  • Break down silos
  • Enabling multi-agency solutions
  • Avoid new forms of lock-in
  • Modern workplace solutions
  • Harness insights across applications
  • “Due to the nature of data held by the NHS, we needed a solution that would provide security, assurance and UK sovereignty, while also giving us the ability to scale our services. UKCloud Health ticked all the boxes and being solely focused on the Health and Care Sector and governed by UK jurisdiction further helped enhance the decision”
    Michael Shenouda
    Medical Director, Open Medical

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