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Our trusted, scalable and cost-effective UK sovereign cloud platform has all the required characteristics to bring together rich and diverse data sources from across the Heath and Care community.

Technology is the catalyst for success

In the published paper – The Future of Healthcare: Our Vision for Digital, Data and Technology in Health and Care –  it was made it clear that it is the government’s view that digital technologies have a significant role to play in the future of health and care.

In this policy, it was stated that online services, basic IT and clinical tools in health and care is far from where it needs to be. And despite much good practice and some pockets of excellence, for many people – patients, service users, carers and staff – the health sector still need to get the basics right.

Two doctors looking at cloud-enabled medical imaging

A Digital Transformation is a Marathon Not a Sprint

In order to achieve sustainable success, health and care organisations need to turn their attention to legacy. Then and only then can resources and IT budgets be redirected towards, new strategic projects.

UKCloud Health can help ensure you get your transformation off on the right foot. From getting the basics right through to the delivery of trusted, scalable and cost effective UK sovereign solutions. We can help you build a roadmap to ensure you can effectively exploit new and emerging technologies like Machine Learning and Hyper Connectivity.

A research scientist using cloud-enabled big data technology

Confidently plan your transformation

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How we can help

Advancing your digital maturity with multi-cloud

  • Modernise IT infrastructure
  • Transform healthcare solutions
  • Digital health innovation
  • Modernise IT infrastructure

    Digital readiness first requires a modern and resilient IT environment.  UKCloud Health provides a safe and efficient foundation which is resilient against physical and cyber risks.

    Our award-winning multi-cloud platform spans Crown Campus (government-grade UK datacentres), on-premises and hyperscale environments for maximum flexibility. It is natively connected to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) and is aligned with the Data Security & Protection (DSP) toolkit.

    UKCloud Health uses a combination of familiar and proven technologies such as VMware, and so enables you to leverage your existing skills and tools.

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    Transform healthcare solutions

    Digital technology is able to drive significant efficiencies; from the automation of operational processes through to the effective sharing of accurate clinical data across organisations.

    UKCloud Health powers a catalogue of specialised Software-as-a-Service solutions from Digital Care Records and Clinical Pathway Management Systems, to Medical Image Routing and Electronic Document Management.  These will help you accelerate time-to-value, avoid the constraints of lack of skills/resources and reduce the risk of failed IT development projects.

    Multi-cloud brings together the modernisation of existing applications, the integration of SaaS solutions and the ability to develop cloud native applications without compromising connectivity, assurance or control.

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    Digital health innovation

    We believe an appropriately governed digital HealthTech ecosystem is the best way to achieve a digital-first future. Our secure and trusted multi-cloud platform provides the ideal environment for innovators to develop new capabilities based on technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and internet of things.

    UKCloud Health enforces standards, regulations and interoperability, so that you can focus on genuinely transforming patient experience and improving their outcomes.

    Working together; our people, partners and platform are able to make your digital transformation happen – cheaper, faster and safer

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    Clinical Engagement

    Better use of technology has the power to improve health, transforming the quality and reducing the cost of health and care services.

    Our flexible and highly assured cloud platform enables the bringing together of diverse datasets to give care professionals and carers access to all the data, information and knowledge they need.

    Digital Health

    Providing a personalised experience for patients to take greater responsibility for their own healthcare, living healthier lives in order to avoid clinical intervention as well as driving optimal outcomes when it is required.

    The UKCloud Health platform is open and well-connected, facilitating interoperability between legacy systems, user communities and cloud native solutions to support your Local Digital Roadmap.

    Digital Records

    The effective integration of digital services from administrative systems and analytical services, to medical imaging, clinical software and digital health solutions for patients. Assisting in enabling the interoperability agenda, supporting the storage and management of patient data.

    Our secure, scalable and inexpensive cloud storage to support the digital artefacts created to support the Personalised Health and Care 2020 commitment for paperless patient records.