Virtual Clinic Direct

A UKCloud Health Partner

Our team has built on decades of collective research within orthopaedics and biomedical devices.

We are comprised of a unique combination of technologists, data scientists, surgeon clinicians, and academic thought leaders.

Working in the UK, in both an NHS and private healthcare context, we are delivering leading edge technology into orthopaedic clinics.

Always focusing on specific care pathways, we work with clinicians and rehabilitation specialist nurses to ensure that any data we can instrument has a purpose and creates a positive influence on outcomes.

We enable our own devices, and the devices of other providers as a service. This involves a rigorously managed approach that captures the characteristics of an existing device, maps the value added data that will improve outcomes in the relevant care pathway, then undertakes the full communications enablement process, taking readings from all the sensors and gauges required to deliver a 3D, real time imaging profile of the joint or bone to be healed.

Simply, we can tell when healing has completed in a more timely fashion and more accurately than x-rays, and better still, can influence patients to help themselves, using simple and highly effective patient prompting through visual measures, right through to smartphone applications.

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