Spectra Analytics

A UKCloud Health Partner

Spectra Analytics is a data science and artificial intelligence consultancy that enables companies to unlock the power of their data.

The amount of data that we are collecting has increased exponentially over the past decade, driving a new world quantum of data storage. This has left many businesses with considerable information overload and makes it difficult for them to operate in this new environment and to achieve a Return on Investment.

So how can companies harness this data to inform decision making and drive business growth?  The answer is data analytics.

Many companies have a Big Data Plan, but they are now realising that to extract real value they also need a Data Analytics Plan. Building a Data Science team is extremely difficult, time consuming and expensive and this is where Spectra Analytics can help.

Spectra was established from the University of Warwick and boasts a team of highly skilled PhD data scientists. They enable businesses to extract value from their data by applying state-of-the-art statistics and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning. They offer companies a low-cost alternative to building their own data science capabilities.

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