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A suite of trusted e-communciation services

Regify’s suite of trusted e-communication services enables you to transact securely and verifiably on any digital channel. Thanks to regify’s patented and security audited cloud technologies and products, organisations can communicate, collaborate and transact on the existing infrastructure. Regify services are made available through selected regify providers and can be used in standalone mode or integrated into workflows.

Furthermore, regify users have secure access to the whole user community as the regify technology enables a global network of services. Customers include companies, both small and big, such as BDO, Würth or Volksbanken as well as public service organisations, such as UK NHS or Luxemburg eHealth system, and consumers.

Regify in the health sector

Regify supplies services into both the UK and the Luxemburg healthcare systems. In both nations the underlying needs are the same: to share patient data in a secure and timely manner. Regify provides this through a suite of services that enable people to transact securely through eMail, WebChat and online file sharing and storage systems. Regify and UKCloud Health are working together to provide a service to the North Thames NHS Genomics Medicine Centre. This consists of 6 London hospitals who use Regify’s regibox software, hosted by UKCloud Health, to share and collaborate on files in order to benefit patients across the UK.

Regify offers the following services

1. Regibox – a secure online storage and file sharing service with a collaboration tool. Used by a number of London hospitals to share patient data and work on documents simultaneously (Case Study attached);

2. Regichat – a secure WebChat service which delivers a transcript of the Chat that is time-stamped and sealed. This can be shared with relevant healthcare staff, patient and other interested 3rd parties as well as being attached straight to the patient’s care record. As I mentioned there is a lot of interest in mental health in regichat as a way of communicating securely with patients in the community.

3. Regimail – a desk-top or automated service which secures your existing email. Used by certain GPs to secure transmissions with patients and shortly a cluster of hospitals in the NW of England for inter-hospital and patient communications.

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