MyLife Digital

A UKCloud Health Partner

MyLife Digital empowers organisations and individuals to realise the meaning, value and power of their data.

We enable organisations to rethink their use of citizens’ personal data, and to help comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), due to take effect in May 2018. MyLife Digital has developed the Consentric Platform to deliver innovative cloud-based services, including Permissions, Engage and Value Index.

The Consentric Platform connects organisations with individuals to enable the creation of analytics and insights based on informed consent. Our services help organisations to comply with data protection obligations and build more engaging, more trusted relationships with their consumers, employees or citizens. The platform comes with a Salesforce Package for easy consumption via a Salesforce environment. Permissions enables organisations to increase individuals’ trust in them, and demonstrate compliance with data protection legislation, by providing digital management of data consents.

Permissions is a cloud-based offering which provides a machine readable API and human interfaces for managing data consents for individuals and organisations. Permissions is designed to capture, store and update individual citizens’ data consents, based on what (data), who (has access) and why (purpose) dimensions. Permissions helps organisations comply with data protection legislation. It has been designed to be the single source of truth for consent with specific reference to complying and managing risks associated with the GDPR legislation.


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