A UKCloud Health Partner

Capgemini implement innovative technology to reduce unscheduled care pressures on patient services – using digital triage and machine learning technologies to better understand patients’ needs and direct their care appropriately; enabling channel shift to support more effective self-management.


20-30% attendances at A&E could be addressed by primary care; solving this could save the NHS millions of pounds. We also know that 30-40% of GP visits could be dealt with by self-management (with information provision) or by a pharmacist.

Capgemini are delivering patient-facing digital platforms to enable the channel shift and transformation of the citizen experience that is common in other service sectors (including private healthcare). Using analytics to help health economies to better forecast demand and plan the resources they need – Capgemini are developing a platform that uses a range of clinical data, weather, social media and social event information to forecast demand for services, and connect this with a resource-planning solution that considers the best way (‘model of care’) of meeting this need. This has been a critical issue, and will be vital in moving the NHS away from short term operational firefighting, to long term, evidence-based resource planning.

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