We are committed to delivering the best service possible to all our customers. Our Customer Charter details our commitment to each and every one of our customers. If you feel we are not meeting any of these commitments, please get in touch as soon as possible.

We are UKCloud, and we’re:


  • Helping you understand how to get the best from all of our cloud services
  • Always aware of the importance of keeping your services running properly
  •  Taking ownership if things go wrong, and keeping you in the picture at every stage of resolution


  • Engaging with you warmly, openly and honestly – whoever you talk to in the UKCloud Team
  • Ensuring the right people are on hand to deliver our promises when we say we will
  • Wanting to build meaningful, lasting relationships with you based upon mutual trust


  • Keen to listen to all of our customers, and being genuinely interested in your feedback and suggestions
  • Continually developing and improving services which will help all of our customers to grow
  • Committed to the ongoing delivery of our market-leading services to you at the lowest possible prices