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“The system enables mobile working and delivers the outcomes we were looking for in terms of speed of transaction and responsive care”

Amanda Simpson, Project Director, BEMS

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Driving better outcomes with digital services

Faced with increased funding pressures, the needs of an ageing population and the changing burden of disease, health and social care organisations in the UK are having to think differently about the way they manage and deliver services. Increasingly they’re looking to digital services to help them increase efficiencies and improve collaboration, to deliver better outcomes for patients. One of these outcomes being, improving vulnerable patients’ access to GPs at the weekend.


We've helped businesses achieve great things.
Sector: Hospital and Health Care
Headquarters: Bath, Somerset
Company size: N/A

RIVIAM enables health and social care organisations to move to more digital and mobile ways of working by providing a bridge between the internet and the NHS N3 network. Organisation’s using RIVIAM benefit from the ease of sharing information and the connection with existing clinical patient management systems.

A secure, reliable cloud platform

RIVIAM created a patient referral, session and discharge process using a pathway hub. The referral process is efficient and cost effective with no forms to fill in.

RIVIAM hosts the Patient Hub on the UKCloud platform. This provided a secure way of enabling everyone who needs to make a referral to a GP, very quickly and safely. This also takes the pressure off GP appointments and empowers people to take control of their own care. And as a secure, encrypted online service, it cuts out paper-base referrals and mitigates potential information governance issues.

Full Pathway Hub service live in less than a month


resulting savings

UKCloud were able to meet the tight time frames RIVIAM found itself working to, in order to help BEMS meet its target launch date. Using UKCloud services meant that RIVIAM didn’t have to invest CAPEX in its own infrastructure.

Since launching the Patient Hub, RIVIAM has rolled out further services on the UKCloud platform, including Secure Referral Forms. These are configurable microsites which present patient referrals in a standardised template, enabling rapid completion and secure sharing with NHS systems.

Long lasting support, allowing the creation of a forward-thinking GP federation.

“We get great support from UKCloud. I can phone up at any time of the day or night and get really good help and advice. ”
Paul Targett
Director, RIVIAM
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