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Dr Tom Dawson, Managing Director, Rescon

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Accurate clinical diagnosis

Between 70 and 90% of a clinical diagnosis can be made based solely on a patient’s history. Despite this, clinical history taking is inherently limited because of issues in memory recall, communication and transcription.

A number of factors can make it difficult to get a clear picture of the patient’s history, including linguistic, cultural or socio-economic barriers. And owing to the natural clinical filtering process, the exact message isn’t always transcribed directly into clinical records.




Who is Rescon?

Sector: Health and Life Sciences
Headquarters: Penn Croft Farm, Crondall
Company size: 5+

Rescon researches, develops and delivers human
performance technologies and services. Its technologies
help individuals, populations and communities to reach
their maximum potential.

A best-in-class cloud platform

Why UKCloud? For Rescon’s Ministry of Defence work, the company immediately knew who to choose. They needed a best-in-class cloud platform that met the MoD’s security and accreditation requirements. Rescon developed Lincus Defence, a standalone offering, hosted on the UKCloud platform.

Lincus Defence is part of an initiative that uses the quantified self to improve people’s overall performance, in order to evaluate, for example, how well people work in teams.

This offering also integrates data from wearable devices, therefore making more extensive analytics available, allowing a more accurate patient diagnosis.

Improvement in performance

Our easy-to-use cloud platform allowed Lincus to develop an initiative that improved people’s physical, social and mental performance, through accurate analysis and diagnosis.

If a customer wants to build an application that’s accessible only via a closed government network, UKCloud’s Elevated Platform is ready and waiting to use.

With the partnership being so successful, Rescon is in the process of transitioning its entire production operation to UKCloud.

An exclusive partnership for UK projects

“We get excellent, personalised support from the UKCloud team and we're now looking forward to exploring more of what the UKCloud partner programme has to offer”
Dr Tom Dawson
Managing Director, Rescon
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