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“UKCloud offered a cost-effective, virtualised environment that was all set up and ready to go”

David Collie, Director, Informatica Systems

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Finding a new hosting provider

When the company went through a change of ownership, it found itself under pressure to quickly move out of the data centre used by its previous owner. That meant David Collie, Director at Informatica Systems, had to quickly find a new hosting provider for the company’s solutions.

The sensitivity of the patient data held in the Practice Management solutions made the company rule out the move to a cloud provider that was not accredited to NHS digital standards. Some other providers he considered would have needed to install additional hardware to support Informatica Systems, which could have caused delays and potentially increased costs.


Who is Informatica Systems?

Sector: Health, Wellness and Fitness
Headquarters: Leatherhead, Surrey
Company size: 50

Informatica Systems provides intuitive and effective software solutions that work seamlessly across a wide range of disparate clinical systems and environments, enabling consistency and uniquely unlocking clinical data to create information that is accessible, actionable and simple to process.

An accredited, secure cloud platform

Why UKCloud? UKCloud is accredited to host applications containing sensitive data. It offered a cost-effective, virtualised environment that was all set up and ready to go, as well as efficient process to support the migration.

As well as this, UKCloud’s N3 aggregator status helped Informatica Systems maintain the security of its solutions, while streamlining N3 connectivity for GP practises.


Tapping into cloud scalability

4 weeks

to ensure efficient support for migration

Migration support was accomplished within an impressively short four weeks, enabling Informatica Systems to find a new data centre quickly.

A year on from the migration, and happy with the service from UKCloud, Informatica Systems is considering creating a fully virtualised set of applications.

This would enable them to take full advantage of the elasticity of the UKCloud platform, and scale easily in line with increased demand from customers.


Onboarding Informatica Systems to the N3 network

“We like the fact that UKCloud take their responsibilities seriously, and handle everything to do with security in a very professional way.”
David Collie
Director, Informatica Systems
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