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“Using the UKCloud platform gives the UK healthcare community reassurance: they know that sensitive patient data will be stored in a secure environment ”

Mandy Hayward, CEO, Digital Healthcare Management

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Transforming healthcare with consumer technology and the cloud

Smart devices have changed the way people communicate, shop, watch TV, and secure their homes. Now Digital Healthcare Management is using the same consumer technology to change the way people monitor their health. Its mobile apps and managed health kits are set to empower patients and save the NHS millions of pounds.

Research led the company to discover Vivify Health, a US provider of remote patient monitoring solutions. However, they needed someone to store the data that’s generated by them – this is where UKCloud comes in.

Who is Digital Healthcare Management?

Sector: Healthcare
Headquarters: Lymington, Hampshire
Company size: N/A

Digital Healthcare Management is a provider of a complete end-to-end patient health monitoring systems, enabling quality care to be delivered anywhere at low cost, using mobile consumer electronics. The technology has been proven by Vivify Health and can be used in varying patient scenarios, from low risk to chronic health conditions.

A UK first in remote patient monitoring

Using the UKCloud platform gives the UK healthcare community reassurance: they know that sensitive patient data will be stored in a secure environment that’s accredited to NHS Digital Standards.

Depending on the health condition that needs monitoring, a patient may use a smartphone app or a managed health kit. People can load the apps onto their phones; while the managed health kits arrive ready to use out of the box.

Patients avoid the chore of rekeying readings and there’s no risk of them introducing errors.

Saving money, improving health, unblocking beds

The NHS is under constant pressure to control costs, yet faces an explosion of illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Enabling patients to monitor these and other chronic conditions at home offers a cost-effective alternative to regular clinic appointments and home visits.

As well as this, managed health kits can step into the breach, freeing up much needed beds and enabling patients to be discharged to convalesce safely at home.

A partnership for the long term

“UKCloud is approachable, professional and responsive; and its readiness to share its extensive contacts in the NHS is a real bonus”
Mandy Hayward
CEO, Mandy Hayward
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