UKCloud Limited (“UKC”) and Virtual Infrastructure Group Limited (“VIG”) (together “the Companies”) – in Compulsory Liquidation

On 25 October 2022, the Companies were placed into Liquidation with the Official Receiver appointed as Liquidator and J Robinson and A M Hudson simultaneously appointed as Special Managers to manage the liquidation process on behalf of the Official Receiver.

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UKCloud is launching into space.

Providing a sovereign, secure and sustainable data, compute & analytics platform to meet the needs of the space industry.

Whether it be global, secure and resilient communications via satellites and ground stations, the ability to gather earth observation data and electronic intelligence anywhere on the planet, conducting suborbital science and technology experiments or the many other applications that are made possible by acting in space, more countries and commercial players are entering a field once available only to a select few.

Whilst miniaturisation, digitisation, reusability and the many other innovations will continue to reduce the cost and complexity of acting in space, the amount and value of the data from space increases exponentially.


The potential value that can be extracted from space data is almost infinite. Using our trusted data platform, British scientists and businesses can securely store, analyse and interpret that data to help accelerate our nation’s digital space capability.


The success of the UK’s space future will be driven by the ability for organisations to leverage the latest technology and tooling across an increasingly diverse digital estate. Leveraging our strengths in analytics, artificial intelligence, and app development, will deliver opportunities to use data from space to build services and applications for Earth observation, navigation, and space domain awareness.


The generation, processing and security of data in space, or via satellites should be treated the same as data collected on earth.

As you consider where to store and process data—on-premises or in one or more public cloud providers—you need to be aware of where the data will be stored, what laws & regulations will apply to it, and whether storing data in a certain location will be beneficial or harmful to your organisation.

As a sovereign cloud provider, UKCloud can ensure your data is protected and subject to only UK law, ensuring its value, integrity and security for the good of your organisation, British scientists and businesses and the defence of the UK nation and our economy.


“UKCloud is a key collaboration and development partner within the Space Park Leicester METEOR programme. They provide a cloud platform with high performance computing, data space and advanced analytics tools, for the rapid development and deployment of our time sensitive, high-impact sustainability projects and services, at scale.

Crucially, UKCloud’s data sovereignty model provides the flexibility to deploy environments ranging from “open” solutions through to “highly secure” environments for projects with our commercial and other partners managing and sharing sensitive or personal data”.

Piyal Samara-Ratna – METEOR Principle Engineer


With the volume and velocity of data being generated by satellites, sensors and spacecraft increasing exponentially, it has never been more important to be able to process and gain knowledge and insights from this data as close to the source as possible.

Whether you are processing data at a space port or even at the extreme edge on another planetary body, maximising data’s value whilst minimising latency and network usage is key to sustainable innovation.

UKCloud’s Edge Clouds enable you to deploy compute power exactly where it is needed most, without compromising on flexibility or speed. When combined with data fabric connectivity to other data sources and central repositories it enables unparalleled collaboration and data sharing.

UKCloud at Space-Comm Expo 2022

Partnering with HPE and VMware




From our panel discussion on processing at the extreme edge, to our stand discussions and space walks though the exhibition halls it was a great experience for UKCloud captured in a short video here.

Our stand demos showed how through using UKCloud’s data analytics platform, farmers in Pakistan made swift and sure decisions. To mitigate the damage from wheat rust, we combined data sources from space and from their own devices, utilising AI and machine learning.

UKCloud could assist you with data aggregation, analysis and how a sovereign cloud solution makes it feasible to communicate data securely and sustainably.


From modernising an Earth Station legacy infrastructure to designing a satellite data analytics platform, UKCloud’s Professional Services Team works with customers’ stakeholders to understand their requirements or pain-points and then help architect solutions to modernise applications, devise cloud strategies or adopt new technologies that meet customer needs, within budgets and timescales.