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Sovereign cloud transforms data by enhancing its value, without compromising national security

Protect data as a national asset 

92% of western data is currently stored or processed by US cloud providers. Data that Foreign Intelligence Agencies can access with relative ease thanks to legislation such as the U.S. CLOUD Act and the invalidation of the EU-US Privacy Shield by the European Courts of Justice.

And whilst hyperscaler technologies can provide their customers with assurances around data residency, these assurances can’t be extended to data jurisdiction. To be sure your data is subjected to local data law you need a sovereign cloud provider to sit alongside your existing technology stack.


Enhance the Value of Data

Data is the new oil. The potential value that can be extracted from data is almost limitless. However, without secure, reliable access to data, next-generation solutions and products simply won’t reach their full potential. This is why we’re seeing initiatives around data sovereignty and the standardisation of data infrastructure pick up at pace. Read more in our 2021 State of Digital and Data Report 

Working with a UK sovereign cloud provider gives you the chance to – not only improve the fluidity of your own data – but help accelerate our nation’s digital capability.

Transform legacy or build innovative new apps

The UKCloud platform incorporates technology stacks from a variety of established vendors so you can extend the benefits of the cloud to your entire application portfolio. Breathe life into legacy systems using VMware or build new, digital services with Azure or Red Hat. No matter your digital maturity, we have the technologies and people in place that can help you get to where you want to be.

Data sovereignty is of critical importance

Moving forward the importance of sovereignty and data sovereignty is crucial. It now goes far beyond data residency with data needing to be protected from foreign jurisdiction laws and surveillance

Guy Bartram, Director of Product Marketing, VMware Cloud Provider Solutions

Sovereign Cloud

The cloud market has evolved significantly in recent years and no longer does sovereignty and independence mean the same as it did before, so organisations must now view sovereignty through multiple lenses. There is now a much wider need for not only National independence but also Operational and Location Independence:

A diagram that explains that data sovereignty needs to be looked at through multiple lenses, including national, operational and location independence

Where Data sovereignty is critical but the ability to collaborate is still made available to relevant organisations. Jurisdictional control is essential by ensuring the secure delivery of critical national infrastructure, but not limiting organisations in their ability to have a flexible national capability which allows them to collaborate on the international stage.

Due to the increasing complexity of digital infrastructure, operational resilience and connectivity are key to the successful delivery of future services. These are essential in maintaining the integrity of data, and the ability to not only connect to relevant services, but deliver the assurance security and protection of critical solutions at multiple sensitivity levels.

Location is a core element, but so is mobility. As we move towards more dispersed cloud models, the ability of organisations to maximise the use of broad capabilities available in the market will be essential. This will include the use of sovereign clouds as part of wider multi-cloud environments to enable the utilisation of Edge. For example, to drive value from innovative technologies such as RPA and AI.

One size does not fit all. ‘Choice’ is a key factor when it comes to the delivery of a future digital strategy, both from a technology and platform perspective. Sovereignty and independence are where UKCloud support our customers by delivering multi-cloud options that give our customer the flexibility to build platforms and solutions at the right sensitivity tier.

By utilising a sovereign cloud or multiple sovereign clouds the business can achieve operational independence helping to deliver security, assurance, and resilience.  These benefits can be maximised with the right native connectivity and integration.

Alongside a choice of technology and platform, UKCloud offers a scalable multi-cloud environment that can be tailored to suit the size of any workload. And because cloud technologies are typically billed via consumption-based models, you have the flexibility to scale up and down based on market or business demands.

One key benefit of a sovereign cloud is the national independence it enables, giving organisations and nation-states the ability to manage data sovereignty and maintain jurisdictional control.  This coupled with the ability to collaborate securely on the data held means the independence of critical national infrastructure and a national capability can be maintained.

To understand and maximise the value of data, organisations need to first understand what data they have and where it should be appropriately stored.  Once a data assessment is completed, UKCloud work with the customer to maximise the value they can drive from the data they have and using cross-domain security zones that allow the movement of data whilst maintaining security and integrity no matter its level of sensitivity.

Choice and options are essential to drive innovation and to use the broad capabilities available in the market. Edge cloud being a compelling use case to drive value from innovative technologies such as RPA and AI whilst maintaining integrity and assurance in dispersed cloud environments.

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Three reasons to support sovereign cloud

  • National Capability

    UKCloud’s Sovereign Cloud platform has created numerous high-quality jobs in the UK including unique opportunities for the nation’s ex-Services personnel, undergraduate students, and apprentices. This helps to maintain the UK’s national capability to develop and deploy solutions by addressing the digital skills gap. UKCloud’s contribution to the development of this national digital capability has been independently validated via the award of the Social Value Quality Mark Level 2 which found that for every £1 spent with UKCloud, £1.43 of value to the nation was created.

    At a more macro-level, the aforementioned benefits can be extended to the entirety of the UK. And not just from a platform point of view, but through the emergence of new industry and technologies that rely on the secure and reliable availability of data. More on this below.

  • Security and Privacy

    UKCloud operates a Sovereign Cloud platform that has been engineered to meet the uncompromising security and regulatory requirements of critical and sensitive systems in government, healthcare and defence. Sovereign Cloud combines specific technical controls, with the enhanced assurance that the platform is operated by vetted and security cleared experts working within government assured secure facilities. VMware’s secure by design Sovereign Cloud initiative using a Cloud Verified, VMware Validated Design, enables UKCloud to deliver high assurance cloud platforms optimised for the higher classification environments in Defence and secure and sensitive healthcare systems.

  • Digital Industries

    The third benefit of a Sovereign Cloud initiative is that would enable organisations and governments to unlock the value of their data to drive business innovation.  In the UK, this is similar to the government’s plan to “build back better” and drive post-pandemic economic recovery through a technology-led strategy. This relies on facilitating the creation of new businesses and new industries powered by digital technologies such as IoT, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Analytics.

    UKCloud has leveraged the VMware Cloud Verified programme to deliver a flexible sovereign platform that facilitates and accelerates such innovation across a growing ecosystem of specialist technology partners. This approach has been key in creating sustainable social value due to the force multiplier of nurturing the UK technical community to create intellectual property that could be exported in the future.

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