UKCloud Limited (“UKC”) and Virtual Infrastructure Group Limited (“VIG”) (together “the Companies”) – in Compulsory Liquidation

On 25 October 2022, the Companies were placed into Liquidation with the Official Receiver appointed as Liquidator and J Robinson and A M Hudson simultaneously appointed as Special Managers to manage the liquidation process on behalf of the Official Receiver.

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Secure Cloud

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Sovereign Cloud Solutions

Protect your workloads from the latest data protection laws by storing your data where it belongs. Right here, in the UK.
We are proud to offer a UK sovereign cloud solution and have built two data centre facilities over 100km apart – one in Farnborough and one in Corsham – to help public sector organisations accelerate their adoption of cloud services and deliver better value to UK tax payers.

Public sector specialists

All our data centres are housed within Crown Hosting Data Centre (CDHC) facilities. Giving our customers native access to key government networks such as HSCN, Janet, PSN, and RLI – making it easier to extend the benefits of the cloud to existing datasets and legacy applications.
And whilst our compliance framework delivers a credible position in four strategic areas: quality, information security, IT service management and environment impact – we’ve extended our governance capability to include public sector-specific standards such as the Cyber Essentials Scheme, JOSCAR, PASF and HIPAA.

Multiple Security Domains

Through a combination of physical security, compliance, and technology – UKCloud has been cleared to host Above OFFICIAL workloads., Helping us become the UK’s first High Assurance Cloud platform.
Choose from OFFICIAL, OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE and Above OFFICIAL classification to ensure your data is protected to the required standards.

Onsite security and security cleared staff

We take security seriously. From onsite security to ensuring all our staff are security cleared to the appropriate level – we go the extra mile when it comes to protecting your data.
With one in ten cyberattacks relying on physical interaction – the importance of physical security shouldn’t be underplayed. Remove the threat of social engineering by hosting your applications in a facility that is designed to house our nation’s more secure and sensitive data. Cleared to host Above OFFICIAL workloads, you can rest easy that your data is in safe hands.

Various Deployment Options

Many public sector organisations are drawn to the additional security benefits of private cloud deployments or simply find it easier to budget for CAPEX rather than OPEX. As public sector specialists, we understand there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the cloud and are able to offer various deployment options including:
•  Public
•  Private
•  Community
•  Edge

Accredited to the Highest Standards

All aspects of our secure cloud – from security and service management – are underpinned by a comprehensive framework that governs our people, processes, premises, and technology.
Our IT and public sector-specific standards are what separates us from traditional Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and give us the edge when it comes to security. This framework serves are a core component to UKCloud’s wider High Assurance Cloud offering.

World-Class NPS

Big enough to cope but small enough to care.
No matter the size of your workload, all customers benefit from0 24/7 support and are given access to a named member of our Service Delivery team. Our approach to customer support is personal, human, and authentic. A philosophy that has helped UKCloud achieve a world-class NPS (+50) – with support teams running at +88.

Native Access to Government Networks

Built on Crown Hosting Data Centre (CDHC) facilities – we’re able to offer native access to key government networks, including the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), Public Services Network (PSN), JANET, and Restricted LAN Interconnect (RLI).
We understand many of your existing applications require access to data stored within these networks. Our platform’s connectivity options make it easier to migrate existing workloads to the cloud or building new, digital services that leverage the active datasets.

Secure by design

Extend the benefits of the cloud to your most secure and sensitive workloads

Billions of pounds are expected to be spent on legacy technology within the UK public sector over the next few years – with the majority of this reserved to refresh aging, failing equipment. The cloud represents the opportunity to break the mould. A chance to focus on innovation rather than maintaining the status quo.

By migrating existing systems that mirror your existing landscape, public sector organisations will only have to pay for what they use – without having to worry about cloud sprawl or runaway costs. However, perhaps one of the most important cost benefits of the cloud is the reduction of on-going opportunity cost. Too many public sector organisations are caught up in simply trying to keep the lights on – blind to the fact that things like labour and real estate can be redistributed to longer-term, more strategic projects if they can detach themselves from their physical hardware.

There are numerous studies which demonstrate that the cloud can become more cost-effective [compared to running your own data centre] over time – including this Gartner report which estimates a 55% reduction in TCO. Despite the requirement for an initial cash injection at the start.

Speak to one of our multi-cloud experts to find out how you can utilise our secure cloud platform to reduce costs and deliver more value to UK taxpayers.

Our compliance framework ensures our people, processes, premises, and technology are maintained to the standards that are required to hit key IT and public sector-specific standards, including but not limited to: ISO27001, PASF, and the Cyber Essentials Scheme.

Without these frameworks in place, UKCloud would not have had the accreditations we needed to become the UK’s first High Assurance Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and achieve List X status. Thankfully we did.

Increase the flexibility and accessibility of your data by securely hosting critical information in the cloud. Data infrastructure initiatives such as GAIA-X demonstrate the growing importance of data accessibility – with digital innovation intrinsically linked to its ability to extract increasing value from structured and unstructured data. And not just at the macro-level, by hosting your data in the cloud, public sector organisations can more easily share critical information within their own departments and with other public sector bodies too.

Unlock the potential of your data with the UKCloud data assessment service.

Gartner predicts that 80% of all IT spend is focused on maintaining legacy capability – and with traditional hyperscaler technologies incompatible for these workload types, public sector organisations could be forgiven for thinking the cloud is not an option when it comes to legacy IT.

However, our secure cloud platform not only supports the development of cloud-native applications through technologies like Azure and OpenShift – it can also host legacy workloads through dedicated cloud-hosting technologies. Including UKCloud for VMware or Private Cloud for Oracle. Now you can really lift and shift legacy workloads to the cloud – all whilst maintaining connectivity to key government networks or storing your workloads at the appropriate classification level.

Kick-start your digital transformation with multi-cloud. Speak to our professional services team to find out more.

78% of public sector organisations believe a fear of vendor lock-in hinders wider cloud adoption, whilst 48% find CAPEX easier to budget for than variable OPEX costs (State of Cloud Adoption, 2020).

At the heart of our secure cloud facility, sits our multi-cloud platform. A suite of technologies that offer you the choice and flexibility you need to make transformation happen. Whether you need to rehost existing applications in the cloud, build new, digital services from the ground up, or simply deploy your chosen solution in a private cloud – we’re here to help.

By divorcing yourself from the underlying infrastructure you and your team and more your way up the stack. Rather than patching servers and managing change requests – explore new and emerging technologies that can help you deliver better value to UK taxpayers.

Not only that, but our secure cloud platform it is also home to a large ecosystem of carefully selected technology partners, including RPA solutions and Artificial Intelligence partners – as well as industry specific software such as Open Medical and SecureCloud+. Begging the question – why build when you can buy?

A microchip board with a cloud logo

Get Started

Speak to our team about getting started on your journey to secure cloud today.

We’re here to help answer your questions about our products, solutions, and partners.

Safe and Compliant Procurement

As public sector specialists, we’ve done everything we can to smooth the procurement process and ensure we’re easy to do business with. From frameworks to direct purchase options – there’s a variety of ways to consume our multi-cloud portfolio.

Multi-cloud technology

Rehost legacy applications with VMware

When it comes to a sustainable digital transformation, one of the most important steps an organisation can take is to rehost their existing systems and services in the cloud. By removing the burden of having to update and maintain your own data centre, you can redistribute labour and hardware costs towards strategic, longer-term initiatives. And for applications where VMware is a critical component? UKCloud for VMware is the perfect choice.

Accelerate your digital transformation with Azure

As organisations race to digitally transform, many have found that they can move faster by using public cloud services that allow them to utilise modern architectures and next-gen tooling. Azure Stack Hub allows you to extend the benefits of Azure to your existing applications from within our UK sovereign data centres.

Create mission-critical applications in the cloud

Our partnership with Red Hat combines their award-winning container platform with our government-grade infrastructure.
Public sector organisations can now refactor, rebuild or build new portable cloud-native applications with native access to key government network – all hosted at the appropriate classification level.


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Case Studies

“Our online marketplace, hosted on UKCloud’s assured, resilient platform, is delivering the efficiency benefits we’d hoped for. Our contracting process is now an order of magnitude easier for everyone to use.”
Dr Neil Higson R-Cloud Project Manager DSTL
“We required secure data environment for UK Government employees to collaborate — UKCloudX provided unparalleled choice, assurance, connectivity and support which best suited our requirements.”
Rob Gittins COO SecureCloud+
“UKCloud has all the security credentials and capabilities we – and our police customers – need, in order to feel confident about moving services away from a police environment and into the cloud.”
Mike Isherwood Managing Director APD

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