UKCloud Limited (“UKC”) and Virtual Infrastructure Group Limited (“VIG”) (together “the Companies”) – in Compulsory Liquidation

On 25 October 2022, the Companies were placed into Liquidation with the Official Receiver appointed as Liquidator and J Robinson and A M Hudson simultaneously appointed as Special Managers to manage the liquidation process on behalf of the Official Receiver.

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Edge Cloud in the Public Sector

Fuel innovation by processing data almost instantly at the edge.


As the public sector becomes more dependent on data, the need to process data instantly is increasing. According to the International Data Corporation (IDM) 40% of organisations plan to invest in new edge solutions in less than one year.

By moving applications to the edge, your applications will benefit from reduced latency and improved bandwidth. A digital infrastructure that will facilitate rapid decision making whilst offering an improved user experience for UK citizens.

A diagram which shows the relationship between core cloud functions and the edge


Edge Clouds consist of scaled down micro data centres that are brought into closer proximity to its end users. These micro data centres are an extension of existing regions and can be deployed almost anywhere. For example, from a hospital to a city centre, for connected ambulances, through to having central management systems for smart cities.


With a stable, low-latency connection, your organisation can take their digital maturity to the next level. Hospitals can live-stream patient data to make faster interventions, whilst local authorities can introduce better, more efficient traffic management systems. The possibilities are almost endless.

And with the most current, up-to-date information at your fingertips, you have all the data you need to deliver the best possible service to end users.

“By 2025, 75% of data will be processed outside the traditional data centre or cloud.”


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Enables real-time decision making

By processing data at the edge, devices and platforms can run analytics locally, without sending data to the cloud first. This unlocks the door to real-time decision making, ideal for applications requiring a lower latency such as traffic flow management and local surveillance.

Support your high bandwidth applications

By handling your data at the edge, the amount of data needing to be transmitted, stored and processed centrally, will be minimised. This will allow your high bandwidth applications to run more smoothly. This is particularly useful for live video streaming services and simulation purposes.

Support uninterruptable workloads from varied connectivity and data mobility

Some applications such as patient monitoring systems and wearable technologies struggle with intermittent connectivity. Edge clouds ensure that your applications and devices run independently without any dependency on wider network connectivity. This enables organisations to drive actionable insight from the data that is being processed.

Learn from our Digital Partner Ecosystem

Our multi-cloud capability can be deployed at the edge. Request a meeting with UKCloud alongside its partner, Digital Reef, to understand how digital technologies such as edge cloud, 5G, IoT and AI can transform your campus, town or city.

Secure your workloads

Ensure you are able to manage and protect all your workloads deployed at the edge using UKCloud’s Security Operations and Managed Edge Solutions.

Deploy multi-cloud at your Edge

Our multi-cloud capability can be deployed at the edge. We deliver infrastructure hosting services using popular VMware, Red Hat and Microsoft technologies, and can deliver across a broad set of user cases.