Protecting sensitive datasets



There is an easy way to migrate existing systems (such as Oracle and VMware) into the cloud, giving you time and space to transform those traditional systems into cloud native architectures (using Azure and OpenStack). You can avoid lock-in to a single cloud and benefit from competition, delivering you better value and innovation, without compromise.


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Protecting sensitive datasets

Concerned about cyber threats or Disaster Recovery? Our sovereign and high assurance platform keeps your most precious data and systems safe.

Malware infestations to site failure; cloud helps your recover faster

Your users are more dependant on your IT services than ever before. Our platform can help you avoid and recover from unplanned outages.

  • Use cloud as a cost-effective platform for disaster recovery
  • Deploy multi-site solutions that are ‘resilient by design’
  • Address your obligations under the Civil Contingencies Act

We’re the public sector specialists that can help you use multi-cloud to deliver the highest levels of availability and resilience. Discover how our unique solutions can help you today.

You can't afford to lose data; we give you a safe space

UKCloud keep all your data in the UK within the Crown Campus, so you can be sure that your system backups and data archives are safe.

  • Elastic cloud storage that is cheaper than the global cloud providers
  • Avoid expensive hidden costs with a simple and transparent pricing model
  • Keep your data within the provider neutral Crown Campus and avoid lock-in

Reduce the cost and risk of traditional backup and archive solutions by adopting cloud services. UKCloud delivers genuine value-for-money without the unpredictable costs associated with global cloud providers

GDPR has raised the bar; we help you raise your game

You need to keep you data safe from hacktivists and foreign surveillance. UKCloud isn’t just GDPR compliant, we’re demonstrably compliant.

  • Satisfy your GDPR Data Protection Officer with our demonstrably compliant platform
  • Use our multi-domain platforms so all your eggs aren’t in one basket
  • Benefit from UK sovereignty not just UK datacentres

Engage with our experts today. With UKCloud you are only ever one phone call away from our GDPR Data Protection Officer and team of information assurance specialists. We’re not just compliant, we’re demonstrably compliant.

Cyber threats are intensifying; UKCloud helps you keep one step ahead

The threats to your online services are well publicised; whether from nation states or criminal organisations. Our multi-domain platform helps you avoid exposing everything to the Internet.

  • Use our multi-domain platforms so all your eggs aren’t in one basket
  • Our platforms feature DDoS mitigation at no extra cost
  • We operate advanced protective monitoring and independent penetration testing

At UKCloud we believe in defence-in-depth. Our experts will help you design security into your applications, but we also develop our platform to ensure you have security through the infrastructure too.

Think cloud is only for OFFICIAL? UKCloud meets rigorous security requirements

Although most of your systems are classified OFFICIAL, we know that you’ll also have some especially sensitive datasets that deserve higher assurance. Our multi-domain platform is the answer.

  • Benefit from cloud even for systems classified at Above OFFICIAL
  • Use the safety and neutrality of the Crown Campus for your most critical systems
  • Our high assurance spans our people, premises, processes and technology to address even the most demanding risk management requirements

UKCloud is exclusively focused on UK Public Sector. We’re a government-grade cloud provider that delivers independent evidence of our comprehensive assurance.



Speak to a multi-cloud expert today

Speak to a multi-cloud expert today

Success Story

“Using cloud hosting meant we could make Crisis Hub accessible from any device connected to the internet.”
Richard Hurst
Co-founder and Director, FCO
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